Skrillex, Diplo, Steve Aoki, & A-Trak play a Rave Cruise called HOLY SHIP. Was it the Electro Titanic? | Hipster Runoff

Skrillex, Diplo, Steve Aoki, & A-Trak play a Rave Cruise called HOLY SHIP. Was it the Electro Titanic?

Photos by Rony's PhotoBooth
holy ship haircut
What if I told u that there was a magical ship that was filled with the most relevant DJs in the world: Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Diplo, A-TRAK, and MORE setting sail, heading towards destination: PARTY ISLAND, but then while u were on the journey to PARTY ISLAND, u realized that PARTY ISLAND was in fact a destination that lived inside ur heart? Would u jump on board this ship with the opportunity to bronoodle with premium nip slipping bikini BBs, dubstream tatted up bros, relevant DJs, hot altbagettes, and the most relevant ppl in the world? What if I told u that the entire ship was a metaphorical VIP area?

This was Holy Ship, some sort of 'electro rave cruise' that happened last weekend. It was an 'epic hang', although it could have ben widely referred to as 'the day the dubstep died' and/or 'Electro Titanic' if there was some sort of iceberg-wave tragedy.

Did u go 2 Holy Ship?

'Pick me up on Monday, mom.'

'Behind me, we will make DJ/dubstep history. Molly dealers will arrive to the ship in tugboats.'

Me and my best dubstream altbros were prepared to die on Holy Ship.

True or False: This is a picture of the most relevant DJs in the entire world.

Such SICK glowstick moves could only be legal in international waters...

How many Skrillexes can u carry?

Me and a Wizard! #selfpic

One thing I love abt Diplo is that he is always willing to expose the Western World to the 'savage, sexual dance moves' of foreigners and ethnics.

The Dubstep Guy from Korn and the guy from the Pamela Anderson sex tape were both there trying to improve their DJ careers

'One time I made a sweet sex tape with my wife, Pamela Anderson Lee on a boat. This boat is not as fun.' -Tommy Lee, future dubstepper of America association.


It was 'cheat day' at the Carnival Cruise buffet.

Steve Aoki and his usual 'Yes, I am paid to be here. You are not.' face.

Ray Liotta was there.

NIP SLIPS & HOT B00BZ AHEAD! AHOY! ----------->


From what I understand, Diplo enrolled in some 'big brother' program where he saved this hoodlum named Riff-Raff from the streets of Houston.

Wish I could have been there to see this A-TRAK and Prince DJ set...

Those sweet implants could ONLY be legal in international waters.

We are the crab alts.

'Aye, Aye, CPTN...'

Lana Del Rey was there.

Keut Crack, bb!

HOw many ethnic dancers can u carry?

Good Charlotte Jr.

'Skrillex is the best DJ & producer in the world. Can we get the man a non-aluminum can? We want him to feel VIP.'

'I know where I'd like 2 stick my hook...'

'I bought some sweet swag merch.'

Keut Tat couple

DJ Frodo (aka Elijah Wood), some guy from Slipknot, and Skrillex

'We actually came out ahead! What a scam!' -the face of organizers

GREAT nipple definition, even with the stripper star pasties!

Does n e 1 know what a bro kiss is?

Truthfully, my favorite DJ of the night was DJ Sweet Nips.

Yes, bro?
Let's promise ourselves something.
Yes, bro?
Next time we step foot on an electro cruise, we will be a relevant DJ duo, playing dubbangers for every1 to 'go apeshit 4.'
I swear, bro. We will make it happen.
One more thing, bro.
Yes, bro?
Check out that broad's nip!

God Bless U, Holy Ship... God bless u.

R u going on the next Holy Ship?
Does this sound like 'heaven' or 'hell' 2 u?
Would it have been sad if 'the Dubstep Titanic' happened?
Are cruises 'the future' of festival?
Are 'land festivals' s00 0ver?
Do u think there will ever be a spaceship festival, sponsored by Virgin space travel?
Does this seem 'fun' 2 u?
R u glad that every1 survived?
Is Holy Ship the most relevant music festival in international waters?
Who had the most relevant chee-chee-wave nip slip on Holy Ship?

Photos by Rony's PhotoBooth


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