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What it's like to be the white guy in Odd Future: The Lucas Vercetti Story

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Hey guys. It's me. Lucas Vercetti. But you probably just know me as the White Guy in Odd Future.

Yeah, I know, I was on their cover of their last album/mixtape Odd Future Tape Volume 2, but there's actually a lot to me. I am the manager of the Odd Future popup shop in Los Angeles, and more importantly, an "OG" member of the Odd Future crew. I'm very much a part of this band, don't confuse me with just some other white kid who wants Tyler the Creator's autograph.
white kid in odd future
I grew up riding skateboards with all the old wolfgang. For some reason, I never really had any white friends, but the a black crew post-ironically took me under their wing. Who woulda thought that after so many years of being bullied for generic things like 'being bad at sports', 'having a small, white penis', and just being a honky white dork would have paid off. My friends became one of the most successful rap crews, and I got a job managing their merch store.

Truthfully, it's a miracle. Sort of like a Make-A-Wish foundation. Here's a tour of the store. I'm very proud to be a part of the Odd Future brand, and I believe that I add brand value and corporate diversity to their venture.

Every night when I mop the floors, I know that I am doing the dirty work to allow Tyler and the guys to shine.

It's nice of them when I get to 'crash the stage' with them. I know, I probably look awkward in the background, but hey, I'm a fan and a friend. Back off!

A lot of people ask me if it is hard being around a bunch of black people who use the n-word so often. I used to not drop any n-bombs, but these days, I'm super comfortable doing my thang. If I wanna say the n-word, I'll say the n-word. We are going to wolfgang effing kill them all!

Truthfully, it gets confusing because they always call me 'their nigga', but I just assume that as long as I belong to something special, I should be proud, and it doesn't matter what racial slur, hate term, or derogatory nickname that they use for me.

My Name's Lucas Vercetti, and I Am Odd Future.

Well guys, I gotta go fold some tees, do the daily inventory, and maybe go skate with the boys.
white guy in odd future lucas vercetti

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Lucas Vercetti is the White Guy in Odd Future, and the manager of their store in Los Angeles

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