Should I effing kill myself if I have ever used "tho" at the end of a statement? | Hipster Runoff

Should I effing kill myself if I have ever used "tho" at the end of a statement?

Earlier today
A thought crossed my mind
and it had "tho" at the end of it.
Is it time 2 'effing off myself'?

Life, tho.

When did I become 1 of those ppl on the internet
who end statements with 'tho'
Those ppl who think that their tweets are absolute
Those ppl who think that 'tho' is 'funnie'

What is THO?

Despite the fact that; although: "though they were whispering, Philip could hear them".

However (indicating that a factor qualifies or imposes restrictions on what was said previously).

There are 2 types of ppl in this world
Those who are relatively chill bros
and then those ppl who use 'tho' at the end of statements
in order to make an argument.

For example, if some1 was deconstructing McDonalds as a restaurant chain
Some bro cld say
"The McRib tho."

"Tho" seems to imply
some sort of universality in one man's argument
The idea of placing a "tho" at the end of a statement
as if it gives ur argument an edge
and represents a fatal flaw

"Man, Kanye West sux."

Mad Men has taken a turn towards shitsville.
Fat Betty Draper, tho.

"My 1983 Honda Accord is on its last legs."

I am terminally ill.
A quick, painless escape from human existence, tho.

The Euro is failing.
Smoking weed in Amsterdam, tho.

Tom Hanks should not have won 2 Academy Awards.
Rap game Forrest Gump, tho.

Who are the ppl who use 'tho'?
Is it a 'black person' thing?
Or like one of those 'swaggy bros' who thinks it is a 'skill' to use the internet and 'keep up with memes'?
The 1 who chats u evry day, and is all 'proud' of their internet presence?
Or is it one of those things that white ppl 'pretending to be black' post-ironically do?

White ppl on the internet ruin everything.
Yahoo's $1.1 billion dollar acquisition of Tumblr, tho.

What does that even mean?

"Tho" is fun
2 ppl who talk abt products, brands, and 'culture' all day

Chris Brown beat the shit out of Rihanna
Chris Brown, tho.

The new Daft Punk album was a flop.
[name of song], tho.

Windows 8 leaves a lot to be desired.
Microsoft Surface Pro, tho.

I am lost.

Shld I just end it?
Life, tho.
Life, tho.

Life = tho.

Life = a meaningless afterthought.