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Pitchfork ‘pans’ new Band of Horses album, band responds by purchasing site takeover ads

Pitchfork Media is one of the leading music criticism sites on the internet, with their reviews 'making or breaking' the careers of many buzzbands. Band of Horses is a band that used to be kinda respected, but now I think they are sorta inconsequential within the modern format of the indiesphere. When a band is 'no longer useful' to the indiesphere, it is no longer necessary to 'cover' the band and praise it for its products. It seems like when a band becomes 'too major label' there isn't really a reason to 'praise'

Pitchfork 'panned' their new album with a 5.3, which is basically like a 1.0 in a non-2k10 year. It seems like the band / their label / their marketing firm still decided to buy 'tons of ad space' on their blogsite, letting consumers know that even if the new Band of Horsebros album is 'mediocre', it doesn't meant u shouldn't buy it via iTunes.

Wonder if the album is 'good' or 'mediocre'... Never really listened to that type of forgettable indie rock. Sorta always got the vibe that 1 day it would be mad irrelevant, so I never made the commitment to 'cream' over them, because when you have to 'euthanize a band' it is pretty sad. It's like ur telling them that they aren't good enough any more.

Feel like I gotta 'give mad props' to P4k for this one. Seems like 'the ultimate heist' to be in a position where you get to 'pan' an album, but still have so much credibility that the record label/band still 'needs to purchase tons of ads on ur site.' Just want my weblog to be that 'powerful'/influential.

Do u think it was a 'good move' for the band to purchase ads on a site that basically euthanized them?
Do banner ads convince u to buy stuff, or do u make impulse buys based on editorial recommendations from popular/authentic websites?
Do u think this ad buy was made by an 'out of touch' major label, or was it an 'eff u' to the site for giving the band a lukewarm review?
Should the Band of Horses Marketing department have purchased a 10.0 from Pitchfork instead of a 'traditional advertising campaign'?
Do u know of any other old buzzbands that the blogosphere should euthanize so we don't have to 'keep pretending that their mp3s are still relevant'?
Is Buzzband Euthanasia the only way to save 2k10 and distance ourselves from our generic indie rock roots?
Did Pitchfork miss the ultimate buzzband euthanization with MGMT's Congratulations?

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