BREAKING NEWS: Former Buzz DJ Girl Talk spotted playing at some music festival in Utah | Hipster Runoff

BREAKING NEWS: Former Buzz DJ Girl Talk spotted playing at some music festival in Utah

Girl Talks
are u okay bro?
U kinda 'fell off hard'
kinda mad worried about you

You used to be all about 'bringing the party'
but college bros and mainstreamers wanna party too
So u sorta went mainstream
and I guess now u make tons of money playing colleges
and also Middle American music festivals

But this week’s free concert, featuring Memory Tapes and Pittsburgh artist Gregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, wasn’t nearly as packed.

Twilight officials estimated the crowd at 20,000 people, half of the number from the first week’s concert, which featured Modest Mouse.

Guess that's chill bro
Sweet gig in Utah, bringing the party to Mormon bros
Once saw a movie called "SLC Punk" and they seemed kinda alt/meaningful
Just want u 2 be happy
as long as u tell me ur happy, that's chill with me

Maybe u need a new gimmick
a new PR agent
maybe ur fine
i don't know these things

just wish u'd drop a meme for us to <3/h8 sometime
Until then we'll just miss u
we'll miss the past when we would get on stage and grind on entry level pussie
until the stage collapsed

Have yall been worried about Girl Talk?
Will Girl Talk ever 'make a comeback'?
Can Girl Talk stay relevant 4evr?
Does Girl Talk make more money than the majority of indie artists by touring?
Which former alt star / blog famous artist do u want to know "WHERE ARE THEY NOW?"
What happens to buzzbands after they die? Do they get 'real jobs' or are they unskilled and forced to work at a coffee shop where people will recognize them daily?

Girl Talk

Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Girl Talk is a laptop DJ who got big in the bloghouse era but really just produces generic, well-branded mix tapes.

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