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Sunkist Soda makes their brand more alt, lets Jared Leto score their new commercial

Sunkist is a popular orange soda, competing with orange sodas like CRUSH and FANTA in order to create the perfect orange soda formula. They are in search of a demographic of alternative ppl who 'love orange soda.' Colored sodas are stereotypically associated with minorities (red, purple, orange = for browns and blacks) but it seems like they are trying to give Sunkist a new vibe. Something that 'hipsters', 'alts' and Beach Bros can drink when they get blazed, maybe.

Maybe they are trying to create a more meaningful Mountain Dew, like something that is for xtreme alts, except when they feel like chilling. Hope 'Orange Label Sound' launches soon.

Can't believe they picked the majestic song "Kings and Queens" by Jared Leto's buzzband 30 Seconds To Mars. Feel like that song is 'hilarious' since they are trying so hard to be the most meaningful alt rock band of all time. In the original video, a clan of bicycle alts roam the streets of Los Angeles, searching for meaning.

Seems like Sunkist is trying to create a group of consumers similar to the alts seen in this video. Alts who vibe out to majestic altrock, living in a post-apocalyptic urban environment, where nothing matters except for beverage choices.

<3 u J Leto. U write the best soda songs. Way better than MTN DEW BROS

What's yalls favourite orange soda?
Do u think Sunkist will rebrand itself successfully and make more money?
Is Jared Leto the perfect alternative spokesman?
Should Sunkist try to ride chillwaves to sell more sodas?
Are colored sodas for minorities?

Red sodas are for __________ (Mexis?)
Purple sodas are for _________ (Blacks?)
Green sodas are for __________ (xtreme white bros/white trash/skaters)
Diet sodas are for __________ (rich, fat whites/dumb girls)
Regular brown colas are for ________ (every1)
Water is 4 ________? (no1)
Is coffee for _______?
Is tea for ________? (AZNs/Indians)
Lemon Lime sodas are for _______?

What kind of soft drinks do yall drink?
Do different colored people have a natural affinity towards certain soft drinks, or is it just 'branding'?

Jared Leto

Actor, Buzzband

Jared Leto is an alternative actor, and the lead singer of the band 30 Seconds to Mars.

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