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Tacky mainstream female brand FOREVER 21 starts Maternity Line 4 Pregnant Teens

From what I understand, Forever 21 is a 'tacky ass wholesale brand' where mainstream women can buy tacky ass generic 'going out' and/or 'cutesy clothes.' It is kinda like the mainstream Urban Outfitters, except with a way high slut rate and a junk per capita rate. Many Forever 21 designs are seen on full display at tacky clubs all across the country, because poorer people think it is a 'classy store.' Feel like young girls also think the clothes there might be 'high end' or something. Maybe like 'the Old Navy 4 female tween skanks and poor 18-35 year olds who need to get their swerve on in a club.

N e ways, they 'controversially' launched a new maternity line, and it is only being carried in stages with massive teen pregnancy epidemics (not sure if u r genetically predisposed to teen pregnancy or if it is created by society):

currently, the line is available in five states: Arizona, Alaska, California, Utah, and Texas. Why those places? It could be random. But it is interesting to note that three of those five states – Arizona, California, and Texas – are on the list of states with the highest percentages of teen pregnancy in the country.

Do yall live in these states?
Are there tons of girls who are pregnant?
Should Am Appy respond by offering more maternity options in size XS?

Do yall feel happy for pregnant teens who now get to 'look fresh and fashionable' even though they have a huge belly with a child forming in it? Should they be forced to wear big baggy Walmart men's clothes in shame?

Glad I can still wear my leggings even after I get pregnant.

Do pregnant teens deserve 'higher self esteem', particularly for baby shower events? Worried that pregnant girls who shouldn't be pregnant might 'get pregnant again' while they are pregnant if they look too sexie/start hitting up clubs again.

Worried that our planet is becoming 2 crowded... Worried that the Chinese will eat all of our food.
Does the USA need to put an upperlimit on how many children parents are allowed to have? Should Africans start adopting American babies that won't have a good life?

What kind of brand is Forever 21?
Have u ever shopped in a Forever 21?
What kind of girls/women wear Forever 21 clothes?
Is Forever 21 bad 4 society?