High Schooler makes an ‘insightful’ documentary abt ‘effing hipsters’ | Hipster Runoff

High Schooler makes an ‘insightful’ documentary abt ‘effing hipsters’

Not sure what the deal with this video is. The description says "NYU TSOA Summer High School Filmmakers Workshop", so I have to assume it was created by some high schooler who went to a summer program 'in the city' at NYU, and was inspired by all of the effing hipsters to make a 'documentary' abt 'effing hipsters.'

It seems like it is just footage of interviews with 'young people' who have 'opinions on hipsters.' Not sure if they are sociological/cultural experts, or just people who h8 their status in the modern world, and have 'massive disdain' for 'hipster culture.'

Do u think all of the people in this video are 'effing hipsters'?
If u know what a hipster is, r u a hipster?
If u don't know what a hipster is, r u a mainstreamer?

Not sure if I learned anything new. Feel like this would have been premium content in 2k6, but I'm not sure if High Schoolers were even alive back then. Sorta just wish I had enrolled in a relevant summer school program when I was in my post-tweens so I wouldn't have ended up a 'worthless 20something.'

Is there anything left to 'say' about 'hipsters'?
R u tired of 'hipster bashing'?
R hipsters 'full of shit, hollow mother fuckers'?
Will young people be able to 'win over' Bitter Gen Y tastemakers?
Should there be a 'Gathering of the Hipsters', sorta like the Gathering of the Juggalos?
Should I go to NYU and major in film?
What is the best film school in the USA? NYU? USC? UT?
What kind of summer programs did u take when u were a formative alt teen?