Jared Leto tries 2 ride the slutwave, wears zany Gaga-esque outfit | Hipster Runoff

Jared Leto tries 2 ride the slutwave, wears zany Gaga-esque outfit

Photos by thecobrasnake

Jared Leto is the lead singer of the popular alt rock band "30 seconds til we get to Mars--Are We There Yet, yall?" His personal brand is 'so out there', and he really represents the old vibes of rock n roll. Just a dude who is all about the performance, the glam, the status, and mother effing rock n roll.

Not sure what his vibe is all about during this show. Seems like a 'poor man's lady gaga' or something. Like he didn't get a legit costume designer, and instead went to a local Walmart crafts section.

Do yall know where I can buy some plastic shoulder pads + lil studs? Does Hot Topic carry those lil things, or maybe at an outdoors store?

Always feel perplexed by this bro. Not sure what world he is living in. Wonder if he is 'insane' or if he is 'chill.' Just trying to figure him out, but not sure if I ever will.

Whenever I feel like getting more confused, I just watch 30 Seconds to Mars music videos + live performances.

Here is one where they go to Asia and become ninjas, singing a majestic core alt rock song.

Just wanna write majestic alt rock
wear eye liner
bang 'top tier' pussie
change my personal brand every 2-3 months.

Sorta h8 Jar Let
but also kinda
wish I could be him

Should Jared Leto just 'be himself'?
Or should he try to ride slutwaves?
Is 30 Seconds to Mars 'the best rock n roll band of all time'?