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Totally Alt Performance Artist squirts Spaghettios out of her vagina

Lately, I have been super into performance artists, since they offer a transcendent interpretation of the modern physical world that can't be explained with traditional media (movies, paintings, photos, .jpg internet memes). Recently went to a relevant art space, and watched a collective of performance artists try to 'make sense' of our crazy world. (Gotta admit, only went there for extra credit for my Art History course, but actually felt like I was a legit part of the local art scene).

N e ways, this 1 girl 'totally stole the show.' As u can see, she did a meaningful performance art piece which culminated with the popular children's soup / noodle / pasta "Spaghettios" squirting out of her vagina.

Here's my 'liveblog'/'livevlog' of the performance [via my iPhone 5G S]

Here's me and my bros, just seeing what's gonna happen. Anticipating 'Miranda July' levels of meaningfulness. Do u think we look authentic?

Everything started out normal. Just a regular alt girl opening up a can of Spaghettios. Thought she was just gonna eat some dinner in front of us, perhaps chop up some weiners and mix it in [via poor people in their pre-Ramen phase].

Things were pretty chill, but then she got serious and delivered some sort of manifesto that eventually broke down into weird phonetic murmurs. Think she was trying to 'transcend' human language, and trying to get into some animalistic jargon vibes.

Dirt is all around us.
everything is shit
we apply meaning, value, worth to the shit surrounding us.
We live by this meaning, and by our words
we live by worth
and apply value
but everything is shit


Things got weird as she began 2 break down... She took out some scissors. She cut a slit into her leggings / pants' pelvic region. At first I was worried that she was going to cut off her clitoris to represent having 'no more pleasure in her life', but it turns out she had something else up her sleeve..."or should I say... up her tight lil shaven vagina"?

A healthy trickle of spaghettios (and possibly feces?) seem to have spilled out of her vagina.  Seems like she was trying to 'relieve' herself of society's evils.  I'm not sure if this was supposed to simulate 'peeing', 'giving birth', or 'having a heavy period.'

Were yall able to see any lips / pink / beef curtains? Did u study the video frame by frame, utilizing the 'zoom' tool on ur Macbook?

At the end, she took off her top and exposed her alt body. I wasn't really turned on though, cuz i just thought about Spaghettios in her vagina. Seems like a harsh lubricant that wouldn't help me stay 'hard' in order to plant my seed in her.

Reactions were pretty mixed. A lot of ppl tried not to laugh, and other people thought it was 'really deep' and her perspective is super unique. Do u think she offered a rare insight into the human condition [via being trapped in society?

So many questions... what does it all 'mean'?
Most importantly 'how strong are her vaginal muscles' to be able to keep those spaghettios in her vaginal canal until the climax of the performance?
I guess maybe she's right, words are bullshit. We are just covered in feces & lil pasta Os in a sweet marinara sauce.
Was this just viral marketing for spaghettios? Are they trying to re-brand and become relevant to alternative young adults?

If you had a vagina, what would u put up it to represent society?
Would u put some sort of instant noodles, or maybe a whole wheat fettuccine / penne?
Is performance art 'authentic' or just 'bullshitters' who accidentally got art majors, now have to pretend they are into it so their parents won't be ashamed of them for picking a useless major?
Do u think performance artists really 'think about what their actions mean' or is it just a contest to 'get attention' and 'go viral' on the internet?
Is performance artist meaningful 'live' or does it only mean something if it is on youtube/vimeo?
Will performance artists replace buzzbands?
After experiencing this piece of performance art, do u feel like u finally understand 'the human condition'?
Do prenatal care experts recommend shoving spaghettios in your womb/vagina/urethra/fallopian tubes in order to marinate a healthy child?