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The guy from Blink 182 tries 2 connect with alts, says he ‘loves Best Coast’

I remember 1 time, Mark Hoppus, 1 of the chill bro cool dads from Blink 182 tweeted that he 'absolutely loved' Animal Collective [link]. It seems like now he wrote something about how he 'totally loves' Best Coast, attempting to 'uncover' her.

So weird how indie buzzbands are getting so much mainstream acclaim. Kinda jeal/bitter. I feel like I was 'the first person' 2 get into these bands, so now that they are going mnstrm, just really bitter. Wish 'tastemakers' got more credit/had equity in these buzzbands.

Damn. Just want to learn more about how Mark Hopbro found out about the Best Coasts.

"One of the writers-producers on A Different Spin actually suggested that I check out Best Coast. He's way into the indie rock scene, has good taste, and has never steered me wrong, so I bought the album before hearing any of the music. Glad I did."

Wish I had a few bros who were 'way in2 the indie rock scene.' Need some good buzzband recs in my life [via Pandora /Ping]

What does Best Coast sound like? What does she sing abt?

"Surfy-type guitar-driven songs fronted by a female singer. Lo-fi. Lots of reverb. Lots of songs about broken hearts, falling in and out of love, and unrequited affections. To give you some perspective, when listening to their new album in my car, a friend turned to me and said, 'Wow, she really needs to find a boyfriend!!'" [Editor's note: She found one: Wavves frontman Nathan Williams]

Wish I had an editor who was aware of buzzband relationships.
Wonder if Hoppus has a sweet car with a 'killer' soundsystem.

Mark Hoppbro then 'calls out' Best Coast 4 having crappy grammar. Seems like an 'attack' on her song writing skills to make sure she 'knows her place.'

"'Boyfriend.' It's all in the hook, which is simply: 'I wish he was my boyfriend.' Side note: Technically, the line should be 'I wish he WERE my boyfriend.' It's called the subjunctive, people!!!"

Would Best Coast be a more successful artist if she got all better at grammar and wrote better songs abt life/boys/dank?
Is this the exposure that Best Coast needs to hit up the Warped tour circuit?
In the future, will all fuzzy buzzy artists end up on Warped Tour?
Will Mark Hoppus steal Best Coast from Wavves?
Would u rather date Mark Hoppus cuz he is rich, or stay loyal 2 ur dankwave boyfriend?
Will Blink 182's next album be a chillwave /beach wave / lofi / fuzzy buzzy concept album?
Do yall think Blink 182 is 'way better' than Best Coast?
Should Blink 182 hire Best Coast's drummer 2 replace Travis Barker?
Should Bethany 'collab' with Tom Delonge on a futuristic Angels and Airwaves song?

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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