INFOGRAPHIC: Old Navy lies abt the waist sizes of their jeans 2 make fat ppl feel skinny | Hipster Runoff

INFOGRAPHIC: Old Navy lies abt the waist sizes of their jeans 2 make fat ppl feel skinny

It's soooo hard 2 find a pair of jeans that fits me because I am a woman who is transforming into a pear-shaped body/because I am a bro who is 'starting to drink tons of brewskies every night.' I used to wear Levis skinny jeans, but now I am 'fat as hell' and just searching for something that fits comfily around my big ol belly/rapidly expanding midsection. Pants that can comfortably help me waddle my 'fat ass' 2 my fourth meal on time.

Glad I found this chart so that I can buy jeans that have a small LISTED waist size, even though my ACTUAL waist size is 'out of control.' Really just helps me [psychologically] to know that my waist size is pretty chill, and that I am 'almost healthy.' Feeling good about myself based on the 'clothes that fit me.' Really hope that by the time I am old, the t-shirt size "XL" is recalibrated and called "S" just to make sure I feel healthy and beautiful.

Really just want to be overweight/obese, but still feel 'skinny' according to my jean size.

Are yall obese or skinny/healthy?
What is the most authentic brand of jeans?
Do u prefer jeans that make sure that there is 'no way in hell' that fatties can fit into their brand?
Are you more chill with brands that help 'fatties'
R u wearing Old Navy Jeans right now, feeling 'fat and ashamed'?

Should I go to Old Navy 4 the rest of my life? Is Old Navy the chillest brand on the planet 4 helping out our image?

What is ur waist size?
According to alternative society, are you 'obese' if ur waist size is over 29/30/32/34/50/80 inches?
What brand of jeans do u wear?
What types of jeans are for fat people?
R u obese, and do u prefer to just wear pants with an elastic band?
Is Old Navy for fat Americans?
Do u prefer jeans that are 'accurately sized' or ones that err on the side of skinniness?
What jean brands 'lie' about their size? Which 1s are accurate?
Do u think alternative retailers should help their target market to 'feel skinny' for the rest of their lives'?