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Jared Leto tries to hit on Lady Gaga, attempts to hand her his buzzband’s demo CD

Jared Leto: Hi. It's me. Jared. Lady Gaga: Who r u? Jared Leto: U don't know me? Lady Gaga: You look familiar. Have u been to one of my shows? Jared Leto: No, not yet. I am actually in a band. Lady Gaga: That's nice. Jared Leto: Have you heard of '30 seconds on mars?' Lady Gaga: Is that the movie where a comet/meteor is heading 2 Earth and every1 is afraid of dying? Jared Leto: No, that is the movie Deep Impact. Lady Gaga: The one with Bruce Willis? Jared Leto: No, that is Armageddon. Lady Gaga: Loved that 1. Jared Leto: Yes. I am actually a movie star, too. Lady Gaga: Oh yea. What movies? Jared Leto: Have u seen Fight Club? Lady Gaga: Yes, a long time ago. I don't see very many indie films. Jared Leto: I was in that. Lady Gaga: Were u the fat guy with bitch tits? He is in a band. Jared Leto: No, that was Meatloaf Lady Gaga: Oh okay. well I g2g Jared Leto: But my band is awesome. I think u should check us out. Lady Gaga: brb gotta change costumes Jared Leto: I wear costumes too. Lady Gaga: Okay. Jared Leto: I want to be like u. U inspire me. Lady Gaga: Every1 is welcome to be a little monster. [via Shannon Gaga] Jared Leto: but u don't understand. I am a creative spirit. Lady Gaga: I encourage all young tweens to be creative, and 2 be themselves [via individuality {viavia Shannon Gaga}] Jared Leto: Do u want to see my band's video? Lady Gaga: I'm super busy. Jared Leto: But we're super kewl. We ride bicycles around a post-apocalyptic city. Hold on. I will stream it from my iPhone.

Lady Gaga: That was kinda fruity. Was that 4 real? Jared Leto: U didn't think it was beautiful? Lady Gaga: Was kinda dumb, honestly. Why am I still talking 2 u? Jared Leto: I'm Jared Leto. I'm an artist Lady Gaga: Okay. Jared Leto: I have a beautiful soul. When I look at u, I know that same beauty is inside of u. Lady Gaga: Plz stop bothering me. Jared Leto: I want to be with you. Lady Gaga: Excuse me? Jared Leto: I want to make love 2 u. Lady Gaga: I already have a partner. Jared Leto: I want to be inside of u. I want my peen to ride ur slutwaves. Lady Gaga: Ur kinda getting creepy on me bro. Jared Leto: I want to plant my seed in u. Lady Gaga: I am not fertile :-( Jared Leto: My cum/semen is rlly strong. Guarantee u will get preggers, even via oral/anal Lady Gaga: Scared of u. Jared Leto: I want to grow old with u. Lady Gaga: I will never grow old. I don't believe in 'time' or 'age' Jared Leto: I'm hornie. Lady Gaga: Plz leave me alone. Jared Leto: My peen is hard right now. Lady Gaga: What is a peen? Jared Leto: It is slang 4 'penis.' Lady Gaga: That's chill. Jared Leto: I'm in <3 with u. Lady Gaga: I'm larry gaga Jared Leto: I'm Jared mutha fuckin Leto and I can get any fucking pussy in the world. Don't kid urself. I just gave u the opportunity of ur lifetime to make love 4 real 4 the first time, and u turned that shit down. Ur gonna regret this. This won't be the last time u hear from me. I'm Jared Leto. I was in Fight Club. I'm in a buzzband. I'm an artist. Jared Leto went on to join Coldplay. He was found dead six weeks after they swept the Grammys. Doctors claim he was 'too alt' 2 be alive. Is Jared Leto a chill bro? Is he the most alternative human on the planet? Do u think Lady Gaga wants 2 'ride' Jared Leto? Would Jared Leto + Larry Gaga have the most conceptual sex in the history of the world? Should they try to have a child? If Jared Leto came up 2 u, what would u do?

Jared Leto

Actor, Buzzband

Jared Leto is an alternative actor, and the lead singer of the band 30 Seconds to Mars.

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Lady Gaga

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Lady Gaga is the #1 modern slutwave artist of all time who tries 2 be all 'artsy' and mainstream ppl think she is 'interesting.'

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