Lamestreamers on Facebook talk about new buzzband Pashy Pit, recommend ‘checking out’ Washed Out | Hipster Runoff

Lamestreamers on Facebook talk about new buzzband Pashy Pit, recommend ‘checking out’ Washed Out

Was recently 'refreshing my minifeed wall' on Facebook, and saw two bros talking about buzzbands. Facebook really has emerged as 'the ultimate organic hype machine', a place where people share, find, discuss, and stream new music. Really pumped to connect with bros, talk about music, share new buzzbands + MP3s. Wonder if PING is gonna make facebook wall-2-walls about buzzbands 'totally irrelevant.'

Anyways, it seems like 2 alts were talking about Pashy Pit, and then some bro had to 'intervene' and let him know Pash Pit is mad entry level.

First, a bro is like 'aww hell yea! Loves the Pash Pit.' He invites every1 to let him know that he is awesome because he loves Passion Pit.

His best altbro comes in and is like "Dude.  that band is entry level, u gotta ride chillwaves with Washed out. Really ashamed 2 know u right now. Might unfriend ur ass."

Then the Pashy pit alt is kinda embarrassed, and is like, "u sure they are as good as Passion Pit? Plz don't unfriend me."

Washed Bro is like, "They are damn effing good. U gotta drop that Pash Pit shit, brah. They aren't even real indie artists--they just exist to score commercials with quirky music."

It seems like the Passion Pit alt is kinda embarrassed, and is just like, "Okay, I'll check them out.  Sorry. TTYL I guess.  Bye"

Kinda seems fun that an altbro cared enough about his bro to make sure that he evolved beyond the entry level sounds of Passion Pit. Feel like maybe 'true bro-hood' is all about making sure ur bros are as relevant as u. Would be ashamed of my bros if they 'publicly tweeted' their allegiance/fandom abt a crappy buzzband.

Did yall ever have to have a 'chillwave intervention' with ur bros?
Did u ever have to teach ur bros that the Arcade Fire was 'entry level 2k5 shit'?
Have u ever had to let ur bros know that their 'taste in music sux'?
Do u feel like u have 'the best taste' in ur group of friends?
How do u find out about new music: Blogs, websites, or by 'lurking' wall 2 wall convos?
Do u h8 entrylevelers who 'brag' about the 'kewl indie music they listen 2' on facebook?

Washed Out


Washed Out is the hit chillwave project of indie hunk Ernest Greene.

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Passion Pit

Passion Pit is a bleepy bloop indie pop band that tons of entry-level alts <3.

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