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Apple is planning on buying Facebook 2 fight Google

Just read some blog post that 'uncovered' that Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) and Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) have recently met in order to have dinner and discuss throwing down some sick collabs. It seems like after the hit movie "The Social Network", every1 is lining up to learn more about the webstartup, because people now see its potential as a place for friends. Many 'tech blog insiders'

Do u think Steve Jobs is trying to 'use' Facebooks to make more ppl use his PING?
Do u think that if Apple buys facebook, there will finally be a Facebook app on the iPhone?
Do u think Stevie and Mark just bought some escorts and had crazy billionaire sex with them?

Jobs and Facebook founder/CEO Mark Zuckerberg met for dinner the other day. Many presumed that they were discussing Facebook Connect and Ping integration, but what if it were something more, like Apple buying Facebook? Kafka thinks that Apple acquiring Facebook makes sense because Facebook doesn't compete with Apple in any significant way, and Facebook is something that Apple couldn't compete against even if it wanted to. Plus, Facebook is already competing with Google, "which has to make Jobs like it even more," Kafka argues.

I <3 my iPhone and I spend all day talking 2 ppl on Facebook, so I kinda hope this happens. Not really for the advancement of technology/social media, but just for my own personal use. Feel like this means facebook would last 4evr.

What would Apple buying Facebook lead to? Every Facebook user would probably automatically have an iTunes Store account. FaceTime chat could be integrated into Facebook chat, potentially leading to increased sales of iOS devices. If Apple continues down the road of using not only phone numbers, but email addresses and eventually Facebook IDs as designated FaceTime "phone numbers," then 500 million users would already have a FaceTime ID to use when all telephony goes VoIP.

Do u think Apple+FB could be 'more relevant' / important 2 society than Google?
If u had billions of dollars, would u just chill 4 the rest of ur life instead of being all greedy and trying to make more money?
If this happens, can they make a sequel to the Social Network called "Teaming up with my Apple Bros to Take My Soci Net 2 the Next Lev'?

Should I try to raise $25 billion so I can buy Facebook?

Apple has the cash to buy Facebook outright (Facebook is valued at around US $25-35 billion), but will they?

Do u know how much money Apple makes per iPhone?
Is Apple going 2 be around forever, or are iPods just a trend that ppl are going 2 get tired of?
Do u have an iPhone or an Android?
Can any1 take down Google?
Will Facebook + Apple be obsolete in 2-10 years?
Should Google acquire Myspace/twitter/4square?
Should youtube acquire Pixar?
Should Apple acquire Sony?