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Jessica Alba tweets abt Washed Out, rides chillwaves

Jessica Alba is a mainstream celeb who has a 'sweet ass body' and has a lil bit of ethnic flair to her. I think people considered her 'hot' back when she was 18-22, but now she is older and and there are younger people to 'pleasure urself while thinking abt' so her 'fame' [via sex appeal] has sort of died off because no1 wants to think abt some1 who has popped kids out of their womb.

Anyways it seems like Jessica Alba tweeted about Washed Out, specifically the chillwave sensation's hit Life of Leisure EP. She was probably vibing super hard, and was like 'I'm just gonna throw down a tweet so mainstreamers who are in2 me start to get in2 indie music.'

Do u know what race Jessica Alba is?
Did u ever understand why ppl found Jessica Alba to be attractive?
Was it her sweet ass? Her ethnic look?

Do u wanna ride chillwaves with Jessica Alba? Would u 'tap that' mnstrm ass, or do u prefer alt a$$?
Should Ernest Greene pull an 'Avey Tare' on his wife [via Divorce] and try 2 get with Jessica Alba?

Do u think she is an authentic chillwave?
Do u remember the time Demi Lovato tweeted abt chillwave [link]?
Do u remember that 1 time Joe Jonas tweeted abt chillwave? [link]
Will this give chillwave a second life, or is chillwave dead?
Is Ernest Greene going to 'crush it' in 2k11?
Is Washed Out the #1 chillwaver?

Does n e 1 know some #groovytunes that I can vibe out 2?

Washed Out


Washed Out is the hit chillwave project of indie hunk Ernest Greene.

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