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Kanye West spotted canoodling with Solange Knowles

Kanye West is a highly controversial rapper who does artsy fartsy things and every1 creams their pants abt it, saying that he is the next PDiddy or something. Nnot sure if I believe them. Feel like there can only be one Puff Daddy.

Anyways, Kanye loves women, and probably 'makes love' 2 one every night. I'll never forget the time he made love to that curvaceous woman named "Amber Rose" [link]. Anyways, just saw Kanye West hanging out with some female. If I had to guess, would say she is Solange Knowles, the alternative sister of the popular rapper Beyonce Knowles.

It seems like they make a good couple, like they are all being blipsters, chilling around town in modern fashion, writing buzz mp3s, trying to appeal to mainstream audiences and.

Hope they do a sick duet, invite some indie singers on stage to riff on guitar, then get a 9.8 from Pitchfork.

Will this hip hop royalty couple work out?
Are they the new 'Jay-Z and Beyonce'?
can they make more money than Jay-Z and Beyonce if they get a 10.0 of Pitchforks?
Does Kanye West deserve 2 be married in2 hip hop royalty?
Will this be 'Mr. Right' 4 Solange Knowles?
WTF is 'canoodling'?