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The Kings Of Leon call the Arcade Fire "pretentious dickheads"

The Kings of Leon released a bro-wave new album, and it seems like they are 'taking no prisoners' as they take down all of the weak ass indie competition. They are basically pulling down their pants, and exposing their peens, saying 'How do u like this shit, u shittie indie hipster buzzbands?' [link]

Just read this quote from the latest issue of SPIN Maggy where the drumer bro "Nathan Followill" seem to 'slam' the Arcade Fire for being inauthentic:

"Now it's cool to have 14 people in your band doing everything but contributing musically, running around with a helmet on your head, hitting it with a drumstick. You gotta look at what you're in this for: the love of music? The fame? You can have all that if you're smart and play your cards right and don't become a dick."

I guess he didn't name a specific band, but I went ahead and did some research on google for 'bands that wear helmets and have a bro hitting it with a drum stick.' The Ginger Bro from the Arcade Fire popped up.

Guess it was this dude.
Do u think he makes the Arcade Fire a better band?
Should all bands have a dude with a helmet + drumstick?
Do u think his vibes are a little bit too 'special ed' 4 u?

Damn. Can't believe the Arcade Fire are a bunch of inauthentic dbags who just invite tons of ppl on stage to act all stupid. Wonder if the Ginger bro 'contributes anything' musically to the band, or if he only knows how 2 'bang on shit.' Do u think Regine 'brings anything 2 the table'? Is Win doing everything in the Arcade Fire? Does he need to go solo and 'trim the fat/inauthenticity'?

Feels like this is the biggest 'indie buzz war' in the history of the mainstream indiesphere. Glad that a few post-indie bands are finally 'at battle.' Wonder if the Kings of Leon have some funnie stories abt the Arcade Fire 'acting like huge dicks' backstage at a festival.

Are the Kings of Leon chill bros for embracing the mainstream rock n roll lifestyle?
Are the Arcade Fire hella pretentious?
Do the Arcade Fire write songs that soothe the American Spirit, or do they just talk shit and trash our vibes?
Do u h8 Win Butler for moving out of America, escaping 2 Canada, then writing an album about how American vibes = bullshit [via the Suburbs]?

R u on #TeamLeonKing or #TeamArFi?
Is the Arcade Fire overrated due to their meaningfulcore indie prime?
Do u think that when the Arcade Fire ginger bro puts his helmet on and bangs on shit that he is hella inauthentic?
Do the Kings of Leon make 'indie' feel obsolete?
Is the Arcade Fire the Gallagher/Carrot Top of indie bands? [via utilizing props]

Who will have a better/longer career: The Arcade Fire or the Kings of Leon?

Arcade Fire


The Arcade Fire is a 2k0s indie band that went mainstream because their songs sound like meaningful anthems. They pretend to be Canadian but Win Butler (lead singer) is actually from Houston, TX.

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