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Pitchfork 'backpedals' on the implementation of the rape gaze genre. Is it 2 late?

Salem is known as the world's worst buzzband after they had some 'effing terrible' performances at SXSW sometime between 1-20 blog years ago [link]. Time moves so fast that it is difficult to remember when exactly memorable event happened, but here is a video of Salem performing live so u can 'recapture the magic' [via crappiness]. Do u vibe out 2 them?

Anyways, they apparently have some new album out, and Pitchfork decided to give them a 7.5. Apparently, the whole gimmick with them is that they are 'brilliant' in the studio, but 'effing blow' in the live setting. Wonder if they just need to adopt a Crystal Castles type of setup and hide behind lights + loud noises. Overall, this is a 'pretty boring meme', but what made it juicy was when Pitchfork dropped the sweet baller ass genre name "rape gaze" into the review. Unfortunately,

Seems like 'rape gaze' has a huge opportunity to become the next chillwave, since it is way more hardcore than the term 'witch house'. Unfortunately, Pitchfork 'retracted' the use of RAPE GAZE in their review, and totes backpedaled, even though the name is hella sweet.

Editor's Note: This review contains a list of the various names that have been used to describe the music of SALEM and/or other similar artists, among them "drag" and "witch house." It originally also listed "rape gaze", a term coined by Michigan band CREEP, as formerly listed on their MySpace and reported in the New York Press. The band today disowned the phrase and will no longer be using it, expressing to The Village Voice, they "would never want to advocate sexual violence against any human being. It was a play on words which we never expected to be used as an actual genre."

Are yall sad that RAPE GAZE might not catch on?

Did Salem deserve a 7.5

Salem trade in apathy. In an article for Butt magazine last year, band member John Holland copped to a past lifestyle of heavy drug use and teenage prostitution-- then he offered the interviewer some speed. The band was featured in The New York Times Arts section's fall preview this year, but one member couldn't be bothered to wake up on time for the interview. When Times writer Ben Ratliff pressed the band on the lyrics to early single "Trapdoor", Holland replied, "It doesn't really matter to me whether people know what the lyrics are or not." Even when XLR8R's Brandon Ivers recently asked Salem about their much-blogged-about disaster of a FADER Fort appearance at last year's SXSW-- a performance that could be featured in the dictionary as the definition of "not giving a shit"-- band members Heather Marlatt and Jack Donoghue claimed not to have seen the video, while Holland later stated about the band's live presence, "I don't even care. I totally don't."

Damn. Mad Rape Gaze.
Seems scary.
Afraid of this dark world.

Anyways, here is another performance where they 'effing kill it'

Does this band sound 'rape gazey' 2 u?
Is it unchill that Pitchfork 'backpedaled' on the rape gaze genre?
Is Rape Gaze the new chillwave?
Is 'Snuff Gaze' a chiller alternative since not that many ppl know what
Was Pitchfork 'right' 2 take a stand against female violence?
Is it unchill that music writer bros can just 'make light' of sexual violence and throw around terms like that just to 'get bros talking'?
Does Salem 'effing blow' or are they better than Best Coast/WAVVES?
Should [act of sexual violence] + wave OR gaze be the next big musical genre?
Should we lump Crystal Castles into the rape gaze genre just to 'keep this meme going'?
What happens when the rape gaze and slutwave genres merge?

"Shame on u p4k, Shame on all yall."
-the female indie blogosphere



Salem is a rape gaze buzzband who sing songs abt dark themes. Many ppl say they 'suck' while others think they are 'brilliant.'

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