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BREAKING: Ernest Greene's wife joins Washed Out

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Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out, is about to start a new album cycle for his 'highly anticipated' 2k11 follow up album. It seems like he is really going to be in an indie armsrace for the 2k11 album of the year, one of the most sought after trophies since 2k9.

It seems like he invited his wife Blaire to join the new touring band. It seems like a good move, especially after the Ernest 'kicked the Small Black' out of his band to preserve a higher P4k score.

Wonder if Blair is gonna put Washed Out over the top, like maybe they will get a few more female fans to ride chillwaves. Do u think she forced her way into the band 2 be all like 'Listen all of u indie skanks--he is mine.' Hope she doesn't pull a Yoko Ono and ruin Washed Out's chill vibes.

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Wonder if Ernest Greene is attempting to turn them into a top tier indie couple to deepen his indie brand + promote post-anco family values. He is some picture of them with the Beach Houses. I'm glad Ernie is chill, bc that Beach House dude really ruins vibes when I'm just trying to vibe out 2 my girl Vicki LeGranderton.

R u excited 4 the new Washed Out album in 2k11?
Do u want to build a time machine and skip the rest of 2k10?
Is letting ur wife join the band a constructive thing 2 do for ur relationship?
Do yall wish Ernie was single?

Do yall wish Blaire was single?
Do yall respect their relationship, and aspire to be a relevant indie power couple?

Will Ernest and Blaire Greene become the next big indie power couple?

Do yall think if Avey Tare had let Kria Brekken join AnCo, they wouldn't have gotten divorced? [link]

Washed Out


Washed Out is the hit chillwave project of indie hunk Ernest Greene.

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Blair Sexton Greene

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Blair Sexton Greene is the wife of Ernest Greene, the frontman of the Washed Outs.

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