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Sufjan Stevens 'tanks' on Fallon, dances around wearing neon post-its

Just watched Sufjan Stevens on Jimmy Fallon. Needless 2 say... not sure if he was really that great on Fallon.

Not sure about his who electro bro wardrobe gimmick. I think the song sounded 'decent' maybe but not sure about this whole neon liberation movement. Feel like if he wants to really be as 'flamboyant' as the dude from the Scissor Sisters, he should just take his shirt off/get naked-er/write dancier music.

Worried that he brainwashed his band. Feel like they have some sort of 'cult' mentality. I think St Vincent used to be in his backing band, so maybe they think they are automatically going 2 become the next St Vincey if they 'pay their dues.

Not sure what instrument this is, but Sufjan hired an AZN bro 2 play it. Can't confirm that the AZN bro is in their traveling band.

Oh Sufjy.... Not sure abt u any more... Wish u just came out and crushed it with a banjo

Should I go to my local Office Depot / Staples / office supplies store 2 purchase a Sufjan Stevens Personal Branding Kit [via a roll of neon/glow in the dark tape]?

How do u feel about Sufjan Stevens' album cycle personal brand?
Should he 'commit' 2 it more, or does he need 2 'get back 2 his roots'?
Did Sufjy 'crush it' on Fallon or was his album 2 weak 4 him 2 even stand a chance?
R u worried abt Sufjy?
Is Jimmy Fallon the alt-est talk show 4 a buzzband 2 play, or is The TBS Conans #1 now?

Sufjan Stevens

Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

Sufjan Stevens used to write meaningful folk-sounding anthems, but then made an electro album.

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Jimmy Fallon

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Jimmy Fallon hosts his own late night talk show and competes with Conan O'Brien 2 try 2 book the most indie buzzband guests.

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