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Gregg Gillis tries to get his own National Holiday, launches new shoe line

Just saw some tweets by Gregg Gillis that the city of Pittsburgh, PA (his hometown) made it GIRL TALK DAY in Pittsburgh. I'm not sure what that means. Maybe he gets to bang prostitutes, do drugs, rob banks and murder ppl all day, but most likely all it means is that he gets to stand with these lamestreamer councilmen who are all like 'Wait, who r u again? Why didn't u wear dress shoes? U need a haircut and a fresh shave, son.'

Wonder why they wasted time with this when they could have been 'balancing the budget', 'improving education' or 'ending the War with Iraq' or whatever ppl like them do.

Probs had to work on getting re-elected because their neighborhoods have become all gentrified by 'effing hipsters.'

Worried abt Gregg. Not sure how much buzz his latest album ALL DAY got. Feel like he shoulda 'milked it' more instead of pull the 'surprise release' In_Rainbows gimmick.

He also had some sort of 'hometown show' where all of the mainstreamers and lamestreamers in Pittsburgh got to celebrate their 'alt/kewl God of fun.'

Here is Gregg b4 the show.

Announcing his new official 'pittsburgh themed' sneakers.

Kinda a weak sneaker collection, though. Looks as organized as the clearance rack at a Payless Shoe Store.

"If I don't wrap up my right foot before a show," explains Gillis, "I will usually work it until it bleeds. Which makes it difficult to dance the following night!"

Would u 'call bullshit' on that fun fact/quote? U gotta get some real sneakers/orthopedic shoes with real support.

Here are some broads he banged after the show. U gotta give him mad props 4 that.

Here are some 'props' that lamestreamers got pumped up abt like 'whooa! toilet paper in the air yall! this is a partie [via mashups]'

R u gonna celebrate Girl Talk day?
R u gonna move to Pittsburgh 2 try 2 be alt?
Is Gregg Gillis 'chill' or 'lamestream'?
Is Girl Talk still 'relevant'?
Is Girl Talk the 'ultimate college partie DJ'?
Is Gregg Gillis the ultimate 'mainstreamer turned alt'?
Do u feel sad that Pittsburgh has nothing 2 offer the world except manual labor [via steel mills] and laptop DJs?
Is PIttsburgh sorta like Cleveland, except they never had LeBron James?

R u worried abt Greg/Pittsburg/the future of the Steelers + Pirates?

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