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Jack from Salem falls asleep on a Brooklyn bound L-train

Brooklyn New York is the home of numerous Brooklyn-based buzzbands, but u never really think abt how bands get to Brooklyn. Some claim there is a 'legendary' L-train, which serves as a transportation system for 'effing hipsters' and 'relevant alternative celebrities' as they make their way to the the Brooklyn-based city of Brooklyn.

It seems like Salem frontman Jack Donoghue decided 2 'catch some ZZZZZs' as he made his way to Brooklyn. Hope it is safe on that train. U never know if ur gonna get 'shanked' when ur riding public transportation, but maybe he has a personal brand where ppl are scared of him, so they don't 'eff with him.'

He rlly looks like an angel, just getting his sleep on. U can tell it is him because of his 'trademark' Pittsburgh Pirates hat, keut rosary, and soccer shorts. Looks like a real QT.

Next time I analyze the lyrics of Salem, I'm just gonna think abt the dreams that u have when u fall asleep on a bus/subway/train. Ur kinda in fear for ur life. I've heard that some girls who use public transportation will watch guys 'masturbate' in front of them/do their best to grind their peens on them.

Oh Jack...
Ur such an angel, bb...
Get some sleep 2nite
Doctors say u need 8 to 10 hours of sleep per nite.

Have u ever seen an alternative celebrity using public transportation?
Who is the most famous alt celeb u have seen doing a 'normal person' thing?
Are alt celebs more like 'famous ppl' or 'unfamous ppl'?
Have u ever fallen asleep/blacked out on the subway?
Were u safe or did something traumatic happen 2 u?

Jack Donoghue

Alternative Celebrity

Jack is the popular lead singer of Salem.

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Salem is a rape gaze buzzband who sing songs abt dark themes. Many ppl say they 'suck' while others think they are 'brilliant.'

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