Should trendy food trucks be shut down 4 being unsanitary & hurting real restaurant owners? | Hipster Runoff

Should trendy food trucks be shut down 4 being unsanitary & hurting real restaurant owners?

From what I understand, it is totally alt and trendy 2 get food from food trucks, even though it isn't a real restaurant and u r eating food out of the back of a truck. Doesn't really seem like a good idea, but maybe I just have bad memories of 'the ice cream man' as a child [via 'dark personal stories']. Basically, you just have to learn how to make some sort of foreign ethnic food, usually wrapped in a foreign alt piece of bread (naan, tortilla, post-pita, post-Iron Kids Bread), and then u can start a business just as long as u have a truck. Tons of alt ppl do this and end up selling 'cupcakes' or 'tacos' and now white ppl do it and they kicked all of the 'real Mexicans/foreigners' who had food trucks b4 it was alt to own a trendy looking truck.

Anyways, the city of Chicago is 'cracking down' on food truck vendors.
Do u think they are doing 'the right thing' even though food trucks are s000 alt and trendie?

Food trucks—essentially restaurants on wheels—have taken off in cities such as Los Angeles and New York, spurred by the weak economy, trendy fare and the proliferation of social media, like Twitter. Food & Wine magazine voted an L.A. food-truck chef one of its "Best New Chefs" of 2010 and the Food Network has a show devoted to such vendors. But in Chicago, one of the nation's most progressive culinary cities, the trucks are held back by restrictive rules and operate in a legal twilight zone.

Do u eat at Food Trucks?
Would u rather eat at a chain franchise restaurant, as opposed to a mobile vending truck food service?
Do Food Trucks 'shaft' small business owners who invested in rent/a building/a real kitchen/tables/chairs/other stuff u need 2 run a 'real restaurant'?
Do food trucks 'try too hard' to make u think that their food isn't shuttle/ cooked+sold from a truck?

It seems like 'real restaurants' are standing up for their rights, making sure the food trucks get sent to jail/impounded:

A spokeswoman for the city says Chicago's rules are for health and sanitary reasons. The City Council is currently considering some changes in food-truck laws. Brick-and-mortar restaurants are fighting the mobile insurgency, chasing trucks from their street fronts, calling police and snapping photos of the vendors in hopes of catching them illegally parked.

Here is some video of some broad who sells 'gourmet cupcakes out of a van.' She 'tweets out her location' to 'loyal customers' who think they are getting a unique experience because they are buying food out of a truck. Feel kinda bad 4 her. Hope she can open up a 'real store' soon.

After receiving a $275 ticket, Ms. Kurtz, a 41-year-old entrepreneur who quit her corporate marketing job recently to launch Flirty Cupcakes, told her fans to meet her in the alley. "It was like a drug deal," she says. "I said, 'Just take them and run."'

Rlly hope that ticket ate her profits for 2-100 days.

Do u think Food Truck Owners are 'bitches' or are they 'making gourmet food affordable and accessible for all humans'?
Is eating food out of a truck 'tacky'?
Do u only eat at restaurants where u have a waiter?
Are yall on #Team_Real_Restaurants or on #Team_Mobile_Eateries?

The food truck concept is "a quaint idea," says Dan Rosenthal, owner of Sopraffina Marketcaffe, a chain of Italian restaurants in Chicago. "But when you get right down to it, it creates an unlevel playing field."

A food-truck operation can get off the ground for under $150,000, while many restaurants spend more than $1 million on real estate and equipment to open their doors.

I feel like most food trucks can probably get off the ground for like $100, just as long as u can go to a junk yard and find an old RV or something. Really just need 2 make sure that u have a truck design aesthetic that appeals 2 'white ppl,' making it clear that ur food brand is way authentic.

Is Chicago 'right' for shutting down food trucks?
Are food trucks 'overrated'?
Have u ever acquired 'the shits' from eating 'street meat'?
Are food trucks the new 'fast food'?
What do u feel comfortable buying out of trucks? Dirt? Drugs? Frozen Meats? Ice cream? MP3s? Stolen Stereos?

Plz use the comments to share ur experiences eating food out of trendy looking trucks/crappy looking trucks owned by 'foreigners' who don't understand how the industry has been gentrified.