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SLUTWAVE is named Genre of the Year by Rolling Stone Magazine

HIPSTER RUNOFF is a popular weblog that is known for creating the popular kewl genre 'chillwave', which took the indiesphere 'by storm' in 2k9, but then it died in late 2k10. Many people said to Carles, the blogger from HIPSTER RUNOFF, "Chillwave was the prime of ur blog. It's over, bro. Hang it up. Hang it up. No more relevant genres will be invented on the internet."

Boy, were they wrong. The Gods of Music, AKA Rolling Stone Magazine have named 'SLUTWAVE' to be the genre of the year.

This is truly a great moment for the slutwave genre, 'going mainstream', letting ppl who read mainstream magazines instead of blogs that artists like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Ke$ha are all riding slutwaves bc they care more abt getting naked than they do abt writing good mp3s.

Recently, the Alt Report published a story that 'questioned the relevance' of Rolling Stone Magazine. [link]

However, now that they have honored the slutwave genre as a relevant mainstream trend, it seems like Rolling Stone is now a relevant magazine that just likes 2 sit at home and jerk off to titties just as much as the next bro.

Who will be next to honor the slutwave genre?
a) SPIN Magazine
b) The New york Times
c) NME
d) The Guardian
e) MTV
g) Lopez Hilton Celeb Blogs
h) The Wall Street Journal
i) Choose ur own relevant media publisher

Will u ride the slutwave b4 it is too late?

Is SLUTWAVE a relevant genre?
Is SLUTWAVE mnstrm?
Who is the #1 slutwave artist?
Do yall still think that Ke$ha's pix covered in cum were the #1 moment in slutwave history?

Has slutwave gone 'more mainstream' than chillwave?
Are there more opportunities for emerging genres in 2k11?
Is slutwave chill bc is it just abt 'shaking titties' and 'looking fine'?
Is this a 'great moment' in HIPSTER RUNOFF history, or just another meme?
Will Carles 'invent' another relevant genre in 2k11, or is his streak 'in jeopardy'?


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