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Choir of innercity kids sing Ariel Pink's "Round and Round", completely ruin song

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti's hit 2k10 song "Round and Round" might be remembered as 'the most memorable mp3 of 2k10' for years to come. In 2k10, we witnessed Ariel Pink 'go mainstream' [link] + garner 'tons of critical acclaim' + 'go mainstream' + have the potential 2 go overground.

The PS22 Chorus is a group of innercity kids who have a free-spirited music teacher that listens to indie music, and he makes them sing songs meaningfully, and then celebs + blogs think that they are 'helping these kids out' by giving them attention, but it is kinda mean because it is sort of a sympathy meme type of vicious cycle and ppl feel 'good' sharing the link but don't really care about the long-term psychological counseling necessary to handle 'life after thinking u were famous even though no1 ever really knew who u were.'

The PS22 Chorus performed a cover of Ariel Pink's "Round & Round" and every1 thinks it is meaningful/brings 'a whole new life' 2 the song, but I am an Ariel purist, so I think they ruined his song. I guess ppl liking this version just means he is going mnstrm/overground. Will people expect Ariel Pink's next album to just be 10 songs 'on the level' as Round & Round? [via his perceived sophomore album]

Is Ariel Pink going from 'underrated' to 'vastly overrated'?
What happens to PS22 Chorus kids after they 'graduate'?
How do they handle 'life after viral'?
Will mainstreamers start listening 2 Ariel Pink, or will they 'not get that many views 4 this video'?
Is the teacher 'too chill' for his own good? Do u think he just danks and listens 2 indie, then danks, goes 2 work, and makes kids sing indie songs?

Remember the time they covered MGMT's "KIDS"? [link]
Remember the time they sang Lisztomania, then made Phoenix 'famous'?

Is the PS22 Chorus the 'new' platform for indie musicians 2 'gain more fans'?
Do u wish u went 2 a school where you just had a free-spirited teacher who made u listen 2 indie music all of the time?
Are these kids now Ariel fans, or do u think his lyrics get 'too dark' for pre-tweens?
Are these kids 'what music is all about'?
Did these kids 'crush it' or 'kill the vibe'?

Ariel Pink

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Ariel Pink is a 'lofi genius/wizard/mastermind' who has transitioned his brand to 'relevant indie buzzband status' in 2k10.

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