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Do u 'give a shit' abt the Coachella lineup?

I live in the middle of the country
Thousands of miles away from Southern California

I live in Europe
Oceans away from SoCal

I live in Africa
I don't rlly listen 2 indie music

However, I hear 'wonderful tales'
'mad hype'
Nothing but positive vibes
abt a magical land called Coachella

A place where only the most relevant indie + mainstream buzzbands
go 2 play
4 the most authentic, free-spirited fans in the world

There is a regional music festival in my area
but it doesn't have the brand/history of Coachella
Every year ppl make a big deal
"When are they going 2 reveal the Coachelly lineup?"
"I heard rumors that [broken up buzzband] is reuniting at Coachella"
"I heard that [mainstream indie band] is finally gonna get their due and headline Coachella"
"I heard that the art installations are gonna be hella sick this year."
"Maybe I will start a blog and get a press pass this year."

We get it Coachella...
ur a music festival...
U have a bunch of bands playing

I have the same kind of experience available on my computer
except it is in my iTunes, stored in a series of mp3s
and I don't have 2 the bathroom in a portapotty when I have to poop

Oh kewl, u booked [band that gets a lot of blog hype]? Sweet. I love that band
Oh damn! I can't wait to check out [mad hyped DJ] in the electro tent.
It's gonna be great 2 see [black rapper] with all of these other indie white man bands.
Whoa. U booked the Leon King Arcade Fire Kanye Wests? Gonna have 2 check that out

It's just such a shame
that I am a Middle American
trapped in suburbia
Nowhere near 'Neon Indio, CA'
so I don't even rlly know what Coachella is
but even as a young alt
I could tell that it was a 'special place'
[via blog headlines]

Should I go on an alt pilgrimage 2 Coachella?
Do u wish u could be in a successful buzzband and demand a 'minimum font pixel height size' when Coachella is trying 2 book u?

Do u 'give a shit' abt Coachella?
Should I move 2 Brooklyn or move 2 a shanty town in Coachella?
What do u think abt the official 2011 Coachella festival grounds map?

When u read abt Coachella/see the flyer, does it make u want to go there, or do u just feel sad + trapped in Middle American suburbia?
R u going 2 Coachella?
Did Coachella 'crush it' with their lineup, or does every year's lineup just represent the intensity of the mainstreamification of indie?
Is Coachella a 'sacred alt event' or just 'an overhyped music festival with 2 many buzzbands'?
Do u 'give a shit' abt Coachellas?



Coachella is a music festival held in Southern California that turns into a gathering of the world's most relevant buzzbands, artists, designers, celebrities, and internet personalities.

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