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Indie bands fail to make 'big money' when touring, only mainstream acts make $$$

From what I understand, bands can no longer make money from 'selling albums and mp3s.' Instead, they must hit the road on massive tours in order to make some bank. I saw this chart of the top grossing touring artists of 2k10, and it made me feel sad for indie bands. It seems like mainstreamers will only see mainstream acts and pay 'way 2 much money' 2 see bands that they think are 'amazing.'

Feels like maybe indie bands are 'less relevant' than the blogosphere thinks. Wish indie bands made more money, but I guess the successful ones are just trying so hard 2 'be authentic' and 'give money to Haiti' and stuff like that.

Touring was a disaster in 2010, but let the little performers eat cake! After all, the top-grossing artists pulled some insane winnings, and being lonely at the top never felt so pampered. According to an annual ranking just published by Pollstar, Bon Jovi led the North American roost with an outlandish $108.2 million, and the worldwide purse stretched to $201.1 million.

Phew! Lady Gaga was naturally high-ranked with a $50.1 million North American take-home, but plenty of artists ranked higher. That includes stage-horses like Dave Matthews Band ($72.9 million) and the Eagles ($64.9 million), as well as surefire attractions like Paul McCartney ($61.8 million), Roger Waters ($89.5 million), and Michael Buble ($65.7 million). Most achieved far greater returns on the global stage.

Who were the top grossing touring bands + artists in 2010?

If u want to 'make money' as a musician, it seems like there are some standard gimmicks/roles u can implement. Don't think it is really worth it 2 be an indie band.

  • Turn in2 Dave Matthews/Jack Johnson/John Mayer/a mainstream bro who 'plays guitar' + chill/meaningful songs
  • Become a slutwave artist
  • Become a tween sensation
  • Become a tweenslutwaver
  • Have success in the 1980s, then write inspirational songs in the 2000s about how 'It's my Life' [via the Bon Jovis]
  • Become a 'rapper' that white ppl like
  • Start a popular shoe company then make an alternative music + skatefest 4 ppl who shop at Hot Topic and listen 2 crappy alt music [via VANS Warped Tour]

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If u were in a mainstream band, would u spend the entire year on tour so u could make mad $$$$?
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