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Lykke Li tries 2 ride the conceptual slutwave in a 'deep' artsy video

Lykke Li may or may not have ever been 'relevant', but I am just monitoring her upcoming album release because there is the chance that she might try to 'ride the slutwave.' Things aren't looking too good, though. She just released some sort of 'deep' / 'metaphorical' album teaser, and instead of just 'getting naked', she tried 2 make it meaningful and artsy fartsy. She's like in the sand, looking for something ,then she takes out a knife and tries 2 shank an imaginary human.

For some reason, this sorta turned me off. It reminded me of homeless people who shank other homeless people, and interact with a lot of imaginary ppl. Not rlly down with homeless waves, even if they have 'a golden radio voice.'

Is Lykke Li relevant?
Will she release a 'totally sexy' music video, or will she just keep writing forgettable-wave music?
Is Lykke Li 'hotter than' Robyn?
Do u prefer American indie celebs over Scandinavian indie celebs?
Why are all foreign indie female indie celebs so 'artsy'?
Do u hope Lykke Li 'shows more skin' and rides slutwaves hard so she can 'go mainstream' in America?

Lykke Li

Alternative Entrepreneur, Buzzband

Lykke Li is a Scandinavian crazy lady who sings in a lil keut baby voice.

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