Some tech startup names their website 'Hipster' just 2 get blog coverage | Hipster Runoff

Some tech startup names their website 'Hipster' just 2 get blog coverage

Some 'startup' web company named themselves 'Hipster.' They are getting 'tons of tech blog coverage' just to get tons of 'hipster bashing' and 'oddly enough' coverage. No1 really knows what the hell their service will do, but HRO Tech Insiders can guarantee that this service will add no value 2 any1's life.

It seems like they started out as some sort of 'pyramid scheme' registration gimmick, which means they are doomed 2 fail bc there is no way they would offer a valuable service if they had 2 be all gimmicky.

Here is an intro segment from a mainstream tech blog where they choose to name-drop 'MGMT' instead of 'Vampire Weekend.'

Is it just me or is everyone and their skinny jeans wearing, MGMT-listening mothers a hipster nowadays? Nowhere is this more evident than in tech (thanks Twitter). And behold, the latest sign of the tech hipster-ocalypse, a startup actually called Hipster.

The company is in “stealth” mode and asking people not to say what they do publicly. But they’re pimping themselves hard on Hacker News, offering “earlier access” if you invite 3 friends. Of course.

I remember when my buzzband was in 'stealth mode', before we sent 'press release' emails 2 bloggers, but then we left private beta alpha stealth, and emailed bloggers, but then we didn't get any press, so we are still kinda in 'accidental stealth' mode.

Do u think Hipster is going 2 be a buzzworthy company that will replace Facebook?
Will Hipster be a social network for buzzbands / buzz humans?

Here is something that the 'founder' said abt why HIPSTER is a kewl name 4 a 'startup' business.

“I feel that the term “Hipster” has been used so frequently in recently years, that it seems to have lost virtually all meaning – its kind of like a blank slate to project whatever ‘Hipster’ image you want. We’re now left with an easy to spell, memorable name that makes most people laugh.”

Wonder if they did some sort of meaningful 'feasibility study' or if they were like 'let's just follow our passion and see if we can get some organic viral buzz.'

Do u think the era of 'launching buzzworthy startups that get blog coverage' has replaced the era of 'launching buzzworthy buzzbands that get blog coverage'?
After the Social Networks ft Mark Zuckerbro, does every tween in the USA want 2 start a 'bloggable startup'?
Do u think this web service will combine Yelp, Pitchfork Media, Groupon, Myspace, tumblr, tweetspace, Friendster, Kazaa, Hype Machine, HIPSTER RUNOFF, and Vice Magazine?
Do u think this web startup is 'hella forgettable'?
R u gonna start a startup or a buzzband in 2k11?
What do u think u will name ur buzz startup?
Do yall know any good angel investors / incubators that will help me to fund my EP/startup?