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Guitar Hero taken off the market cuz no1 buys it any more

Apparently, no1 buys that Guitar Hero bullshit any more, so they decided to 'fold' the franchise. I wonder if it just 'isn't in demand', or if they basically hit the 100% threshold of the market for 'losers who would actually buy a game that you needed a fake little plastic guitar that would end up chillin in ur living room and u would think that the lil guitar made you look cool.' Don't really understand the appeal of video games when u can play 'the game of life' every day. Also 'becoming a buzzband' is kinda like a video game/RPG if u rlly think about it, so I would rather play that game + press buttons on a sampler as opposed to a fake plastic guitar.

Anyways, Guitar Hero is 'dead' (until they decide to re-release it with a redesigned controller that every1 has to buy all over again).

“Due to continued declines in the music genre, the company will disband Activision Publishing’s Guitar Hero business unit and discontinue development on its Guitar Hero game for 2011,” explains the company in its latest financials, as reported by MCV.

The publisher is also suspending development on its DJ Hero franchise, having confirmed that its ‘peripheral-based’ console games – which also include Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater – sold less copies than expected in 2010.

Does this news make u sad?
Did yall think that Rock Band was gonna 'save the music industry'?
Is Rock Band the 'lamest' game in the entire world?

Miss u DJ Hero [via silent flops]

Don't worry, yall. Rock Band is totally 'in the shitter' too.

The news comes shortly after Viacom sold Harmonix, the team behind the Rock Band games. Its decision to sell was seen as evidence that the music game genre has lost its lustre – something compounded by today’s news.

Gonna miss u music genre...
Do u think all of the lamestreamers who played Rock Band will try to sell the
Will Rock Band / Guitar Hero become 'ironic/vintage' in _ years, or will it just be 'straight up lame'?
What are the popular video games of the 2k10s?
How did the Rock Band / Guitar Hero franchise 'go wrong'?
Did u ever throw a sweet partie where ppl played one of these games the whole time?
Do u feel bad for ppl who thought these games and the music on them were hella sweet?


10. Chillin with kewl video game bros who look like they are in alt rock bands.

9. The time I played against Tony Romo

8. The time my mom played Guitar Hero and I drank a Diet Dr Pepper

7. The time I invited ever1 over 2 partie, and played guitar hero and made every1 watch me for 5 hours, and when any1 else tried to play, I just kicked their ass and made it un-fun

6. The time my little brother 'kicked my ass' at Rock Band, but then we bonded for the first time in years and beat the game together

5. The time I took my Rock Band to my grandparents' retirement community to help fight Alzheimer's

4. The time South Park 'parodied' Guitar Hero 4 being dumb and it was really funnie but then I still kept playing it anyways cuz I partied with my bffs

3. The Time I beat Accordion Hero

2. The time I played a classic Southern Rock song on guitar hero and 'thought I was actually playing' the song and visualized myself on tour with the band and banging bitches

1. The time I was me and I was a bad ass and I crushed it while playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band at the same time.

What are yalls fave guitar hero moments?