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Best Coast releases official coffee line called 'Best Roast'

Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast hasn't dropped too many memes lately, which is good because every1 definitely 'got really tired' of her memes, and she wasn't really known as a musician, but instead as an entity that released memes for people to consume. Anyways, it seems like she is 'back on the meme front', because Best Coast released this picture of their new coffee line called Best Roast. I don't really know if it tastes good, but I am contacting her PR people to ask for a sample, and will do a 'vlog' review of the product.

I wonder if Bethany authentically 'drinks coffee.' What is yalls fave kind of coffee roast? Starbucks? Folgers? Dunkin Donuts? Is 'brewing ur own coffee' for poor ppl? What type of 'blend' do u prefer? Do u buy ground coffee beans or whole coffee beans? Is drinking coffee an important part of ur personal brand?

Do u own a 'Senor Coffee'?

Has Best Coast 'gone too far' with meme band merch?
Do u think Bobb Bruno is 'getting a cut of sales' [via being on the cover]?
Do u feel like ur vibes have been better without so many Best Coast memes?
Will her next album 'be relevant' and will she 'go mainstream' or can we expect her to 'tank' critically and commercially?
Has Bethany 'been replaced' by Kickball Katy, Madeline Follin, and the Puro Instinct sisters as 'the hottest QTs in lofi fuzzy buzzy'?
Do u think this coffee will be authentic?

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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