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The Vivian Girls show off their banging bikini bodies (2 prove they hotter than Best Coast)

Apparently some thing happened called 'the Booze Cruise' where a bunch of those punky fuzzy buzzy bands went on a cruise with a bunch of people who like those bands/that pseudo-lifestyle. Not really any relevant bands... U sorta wish that every1 who was on that cruise 'got Titanicked' so that we'd lose some of the crusty population.

Anyways, the only thing that probably happened on the boat was the Vivian Girls showing off their 'bangin bikini bods.' U gotta give them props for doing more than just 'playing a boring show with their boring songs.' They gave the fans what they wanted: some skin.

The red head really 'brought her A-game', ready 2 become a Charlie Sheen Goddess. Her name is apparently 'Kickball Katy', which sounds funnie.

Kickball Katy has some ample breasts. U can't help but wonder if she is utilizing the strategy of 'being hotter than Best Coast' 2 steal headlines from her.
best coast in a bikini snacks
I sorta would like to see the Vivian Girls wear skimpier outfits instead of just the weird dresses for women in polygamous marriage. 'Glam it up' 4 us, girls... Let men have a lil peep of ur goodness <3

Also here is a picture of an intimate moment on the Booze Cruise where Kickball Katy is making out with one of the dudes from the Black Lips. Might be the other girl in the band, though. Can't really tell.

After seeing the Vivian Girls in bikinis/tankinis/sexi alt 1pieces, u gotta say that maybe there is 'hope for them' ...
Maybe they can stop being 'so Brooklyn', show off some California skin..
Maybe they will stop acting like they are brainwashed cult members and 'make some noise' [via riding fuzzy buzzy slutwaves]...
U gotta think maybe it's not a bad thing that drummer Ali Koehler left the band if they are gonna be all about 'showing skin'...

Do u think u would be willing to care abt the Vivian Girls if they 'showed more skin'?
Do they look sexi in their bikini bodies?
Do u wish u were on the booze cruise?
Do u wish the captain had sank the booze cruise and the whole weirdo indie punk/fuzzy buzzy scene?

Kickball Katy

Alternative Celebrity

Kickball Katy is a member of the Vivian Girls. She is a ginger.

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Vivian Girls


The Vivian Girls are a fuzzy buzzy all-girl band who is sad bc their drummer left them for Best Coast

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