Best Coast drummer Ali Koehler calls out HIPSTER RUNOFF for racist shock journalism | Hipster Runoff

Best Coast drummer Ali Koehler calls out HIPSTER RUNOFF for racist shock journalism

Former Vivian Girls drummer Ali Koehler has always been praised by HIPSTER RUNOFF blog for her career decision to tranfer to the Best Coast buzzband. Even thought Vivian Girls has seen tons of buzz on their most recent album cycle, she can probably make more personal profit margins touring in Best Coast, even if she doesn't have equity in the band. However, she took offense to a recent HIPSTER RUNOFF post that claimed Bethany Cosentino was canoodling with horrorcore rapper Tyler the Creator [link].

It turns out that the African American man in the picture is NOT Tyler the Creator. It is actually a different African American rapper. His name is 'The Wizard Khalifa.'

In the end, maybe Ali Koehler was right... but perhaps she has some bad blood with HIPSTER RUNOFF now that the Vivian Girls and Cults have 'stolen the buzz from Best Coast's 2k10 run...'

At the end of the day, this is just another edition of the long war between Best Coast and HIPSTER RUNOFF... but who will win in the end? Maybe every1 is a loser in this mudslinging battle.... 'Sigh...'

Picture of Carles and Ali before their falling out

Is HIPSTER RUNOFF the #1 journalistic integrituitous website on the internet?
Does HRO need a 'fact checking team'?
Is fact checking 4 lamestreamer news sources?
Is HIPSTER RUNOFF The #1 alt meme farm on the internet?
Does journalism require tons of 'risk taking' and 'going with the flow' of the meme cycle?
IS it hard 2 be a perfect content farm?
Is the internet 'reality' or 'surreality'?
Is Carles 'racist' via thinking that all black ppl are ___________ (famous black persons)?

R u STANDING by the original HIPSTER RUNOFF report? Who is this African American man? Sorta feel like it might be Travie McCoy now...

Ali Koehler

Alternative Celebrity

A female fuzzy buzzy drummer who left the Vivian Girls 2 get more famous in Best Coast.

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Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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