BREAKING: Neon Indian returns to the buzzosphere, teases new album, + 'new sound' | Hipster Runoff

BREAKING: Neon Indian returns to the buzzosphere, teases new album, + 'new sound'

Neon Indian 'is back' after his immensely successful initial first album "Psychic Chasms." The sophomore album pressure is on to be successful with critics, but also scale your brand to achieve sweet album sales and get more fans at ur concerts. The footage features Alan Bralomo 'hanging out in Helsinki', being 'deep' and stuff.

Here’s our first glimpse at Neon Indian’s forthcoming LP, in the form of this short video shot in Helsinki — where Alan Palomo recorded most of the album — by Austin filmmaker Sean Lopez. Featuring an excerpt from “Heart: Attack,” the first of a “three-part instrumental movement” that appears on the new record:

What is ur IMMEDIATE REACTION to this important indie news?
Are we entering the post-chillwave era?
Will this be the 'Album of the Year'?
Can Neon Indian avoid 'pulling an MGMT' and totally 'tanking' on his second album?
Should he have 'pulled a Washed Out' and hired Animal Collective's MPP producer to 'help produce' the album?
Will Neon Indian lose its buzz charm on his sophomore album, or will it 'only get more authentic'?

R u 'pumped' abt this new album?
Is the buzz drought of 2k10 finally over?

Can the chillwavers 'save' 2k11, much like they saved 2k9?
Has chillwave morphed into a new genre?
Will these artists have 2 deal with questions abt 'moving away from a chillwave sound', sort of like how Toro Y Moi had to answer all of those questions on his 'Underneath the Pine' album cycle?
Does this sound 'promising' or is it 'just more bleep bloops' marketed as buzz by bloggers who are desperate for content?
Can Neon Indian make 'the leap' into Tier 1 of authentic indie respected eternal artists?

Neon Indian


Neon Indian is a chillwave buzzband from 2k9 that rode chillwaves

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