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Ezra Koenig throws down sax solo with Chromeo at Coachella

Ezra Koenig is considered to be one of the most-desired indie hunks in all of music. He has many fan blogs dedicated to his talent and good looks. These Ezra super-fans were treated to a delightful treat when Ezra Koenig sang "I Could Be Wrong" on stage with Chromeo at Coachella. In addition, he played the sax on stage, throwing down a 'sick solo' which might establish him as the 'Alt-Kenny G' even though Kenny G plays the sax that is shaped like a long, skinny peen.

Ezra looks good, bb!

Chromeo has played live with Darryl Hall, so u have to wonder if Ezra Koenig was a 'step up' or a 'step down' from the previous collaboration. One thing is for sure, these two Alt-Jewish hunks made every relevant altJew in the crowds pants nice and warm and creamie.

Did Ezra 'crush it'?
Should he play more saxophone in Vampy Weeks?
Who would yall rather sleep with: Dave 1 or Ezra Koenig?
Do u think Dave 1 and Ezra should both 'go solo' then 'collab' on a 'sick collab project'?
Is Ezra Koenig the #1 hunk in indie?

Ezra Koenig

Alternative Celebrity

Ezzie is the lead singer of the popular buzzband Vampire Weekend

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Chromeo is Dave 1 and P-Thugg. They are from Canada. They are Jewish + Palestinian, but put aside their conflict 4 the sake of indie.

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