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Julian Casablancas wears a WAVVES-style baseball hat on Conan O'Brien

The Strokes went on Conan O'Brien's talk show even though he is on TBS and no1 watches him any more even though he is twitter famous. The Strokes used to be 'huge supporters' of Conan's Late-Late show. One time they even flew back every week to perform every song on the album. It's so crazie how things change, maybe not even very quickly, but just when u make a serious of misguided decisions and the world turns and leaves u behind and ur fighting 4 relevancy. The only bloggable meme of this performance was Julian Casablancas' hat bc Nikolai Fraiture hasn't been dropping any good Deakin style memes lately....

Did Julian Casablancas 'rip off' the WAVVES-style 'oversized' baseball lid?

Did WAVVES 'invent' this indie baseball cap style trend, or did he steal it from some1?

Did Albie Hammond Jr. 'crush it' on the synth?

Did Conan O'Brien spend the duration of the performance lamenting when both of these acts were 'up and coming', 'hot', 'buzzworthy', 'edgy' and 'the future of music/comedy'? Are they both in the purgatory phases of their careers?

Is Jimmy Fallon 'the new Conan'?
Did Arcade Fire manage their career better than The Strokes?
Did the Strokes fail by not winning a Grammy ever?
Did this performance 'rule' or was it 'terrible'?
Do u own a kewl cap that u flip the bill up on?
R u gonna give The Strokes 'a second chance'?

Julian Casablancas

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Julian Casablancas is the lead vocalist and songwriter of The Strokes. He is a pretty chill bro despite being born to rich and famous parents in NYC and meeting his fellow band members at boardings schools for spoiled-ass kids.

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The Strokes


The Strokes may have been the first buzzband of the 21st century.

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