M.I.A. smokes some weed dank bc it is 4/20 | Hipster Runoff

M.I.A. smokes some weed dank bc it is 4/20

Today is 4/20, a celebration for stoners and dank wavvers every where. Every1 unites and celebrates how awesome weed is, and most people listen to 311 or Incubus or another sweet band. Whether you are a bro-streamer, an alt, a tween weeder, or a _______, every1 who smokes weed thinks it is sweet so they celebrate the National Weed Holiday 2gether.... Popular horrorcore shock rapper M.I.A. is no different. Here she is lighting up a blunt with an unidentified bro who she is canoodling with. She tweeted this pic along with the comment "4 2 0 , 00000000000000000000", which we can assume is a new song that she is writing that sounds like "Boom blaam waaaah wooooo boom balangalang ay ay ay government langlanglang freedom weed!"

Unfortunately, weed is generally still illegal, except in California where it is the only way that they can make money 2 try to save their state from having to stop giving the poors medical insurance. I can't confirm nor deny that Maya will see any legal repercussions based on this photograph.

Do u tweet pix of urself 'smoking dank'?
CAn u go 2 jail for smoking salvia/dank on camera?
Do u miss M.I.A. memes?
Does M.I.A. look sexi with her blonde hair?
Is she 'canoodling' with this bro?
Is 4/20 just for poor Middle Americans who are addicted 2 weed and want to be a part of something bigger than themselves [via Marley fest]?
Is weed for losers or 4 ppl who just want 2 chill?


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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