BREAKING: Tyler the Creator arrested by police, potentially in the slammer... | Hipster Runoff

BREAKING: Tyler the Creator arrested by police, potentially in the slammer...

Tyler the Creator was arrested somewhere in Los Angeles yesterday. I think he was apparently trying to promote his new album GOBLIN around some local high school, but he was probably cursing, skateboarding, and basically being 'publicly intoxicated' even though I don't think he consumes substances. The dudes arresting him look like rent-a-cops, so this was probably a PR-constructed hiphop meme, built to try to get him 'some street cred' in the hard-to-please, stop-snitchin' rap community.

Fresh off the release of his album Goblin today, Odd Future’s frontman was cuffed earlier this afternoon while promoting the project at Westchester High School. The exact charge is unknown, but he was released shorty after wards. Over a week ago, his OFWGKTA compadre Frank Ocean was detained as well.

R u worried abt Tyler? Is he going 2 the slammer 4evr? Is Odd Future 'trying too hard' to appeal 2 thug hiphop culture, or do u think they are just perceived 'as blipsters'?

Is this a 'real cop' or did he just get detained at a strip mall 4 skateboarding in front of the Old Navy?

'We're taking ur skateboard away, son.'

Do u believe this 'arrested' meme? Does Tyler the Creator think that he is 'above the law'?

Is this the beginning of a downward spiral 4 Tyler the 8er? [via 8.0]
R u worried we will see some sort of dark suicide/murder attempt by a member of Odd Future?
Do they all need 'serious counseling', instead of just sharing their poisonous ideas [via 'art'/rap]?
Do u know why he was arrested?
Do u think Tyler the Creator could 'make it in jail'?
Is 'going 2 a local high school' a good way to generate organic word-of-mouth buzz, or just a 'waste of time'/sillie idea by a 'PR genius'
Are we about to see tons of dark/erratic behavior by Tyler now that his buzz is no longer marketable/meme-able?

Tyler, The Creator

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Tyler is a teenage producer, rapper, and the leader of an experimental lofi shock-rap crew called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

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