BREAKING: Washed Out releases new MP3... is he still chillwave? | Hipster Runoff

BREAKING: Washed Out releases new MP3... is he still chillwave?

Washed Out Eyes Be Closed

Ernest Greene is a chillwave crooner from the Southern United States, and is widely credited as being the 'founding father of living a chillwave lifestyle.' I am not sure what 'crooner' means, though, but I think music journalists get 2 use that word to describe bros who sing. Anyways, Washed Out released the [BREAKING] [NEW] mp3 called "Eyes Be Closed".

Now he is on a mainstream indie label called SUBPOP, so they probably have some 'expectations' on him to 'sell mad records.' Do u think this is a 'strong' lead single? Does it 'capture' ur interest... or do u want him to just write a new album that is 10 'Feel It All Arounds' back-2-back-2-back [via the MGMT-KIDS theory]?

Many relevant music critics are monitoring the sophomore releases of Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, and Neon Indian... wondering... "Is chillwave dead?" "Did Chillwaves ever exist?" "Will part of the chillwave never die?"

...only time will tell.....

Do u <3 this song?
Have u ever romantically looked in2 some1's eyes and said... "May ur eyes... be"?
Is 'chillwave' dead?
Will journalists still 'go hard' after the 'r u still chillwave' angles on this album cycle?
Is Ernest Greene still one of the hunkiest hunks in indie, and will his hunkiness help him 2 get more fans and go more mainstream?

Does his album art 'turn u on'?

Washed Out


Washed Out is the hit chillwave project of indie hunk Ernest Greene.

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