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Fleet Foxes receive 8.8 from Pitchfork... Was it a flop for not breaking the 9.0 barrier?

The Fleet Foxes released a new album called "Helplessness Blues", a highly-anticipated followup 2 their previous self-titled album that was widely considered the album of 2k8. But things change in 3 years... times change... 'Having a beard and making folk music' doesn't get you the 9.0's of yester-year...

U have to wonder if this 'step back' for the Fleet Foxes means it is a 'flop', or did they 'do a good job' and 'hold serve'? I haven't listened to this album because I am not a cool dad, and I refuse to stream anything from NPR.biz.

Here is some part of the review that explains why Fleet Foxes appeals to overgrounders and cool dads, but still gets 'credit' from authentic reviewers/critics.

Fleet Foxes' unpretentious, crowd-pleasing directness was the key to their rapid rise. Their Sun Giant EP and self-titled debut LP, both released in 2008, brimmed with inviting melodies, evocative lyrics, and open-armed harmonizing that seemed designed to reach a wide variety of listeners. Their bright folk-rock sound wasn't exactly "cool," but that was sort of the point-- it's familiar in the most pleasing way, lacking conceit or affectation. Their expression of their love for music (and making music) was refreshing three years ago, and that sort of thing never gets old.

Are the Fleet Foxes 'the perfect band'?
Should Bobby Pecky 'go solo' and 'ditch the rest of the Foxes'?

Do u <3 the Fleet Foxes?
Is this album 'good' / 'relevant', or is it just like 'ehh whatever I'll check it out next time I am on a scenic drive thru the country'?
Do u think they will debut with the #1 album in America?
Should they 'add a girl' and write more anthems so they can challenge the Arcade Fire 4 best-band-in-the-world status?
Is 'falling' 0.2 points difficult for a buzzband to recover from?
Do u feel sad for bands that are 'failed versions' of the Fleet Foxes?
How 'good' is this album? Will it win 'album of the year'?

Fleet Foxes


The Fleet Foxes are a Seattle-based folkwave band signed to Sub Pop Records.

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