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HOT or NOT: James Blake's new school-boy haircut

James Blake is currently invading America, playing buzz shows across the USA in order to try to revive his American buzz. However... U might notice something a lil bit different about Jimmy Blake. Yes, he has a totally keut new haircut. The dubstep crooner not only has the voice of an embattled angel, but also the hair of a QT angel bb.

R u gonna see him live?
Do u think his new haircut will make him a better dubstepper?

Here is some blog trying to make his music sound 'deep' and 'beautiful':

But nothing was more delightfully disorienting than set-closer "The Wilhelm Scream." Like an R&B hit swaddled in violent distortion, the song's turbulence built then quickly dissolved, like a crashing jet that vanishes the moment before impact.

Have yall ever seen a crashing jet that vanishes before impact? [via the 9-11 attack that crashed into the Pentagon conspiracy theory]

Do u <3 Jimmy Blake?
Do u hope he sings us a song [via being the dubstep piano man]?

Will his haircut make him 'more buzzworthy'?
Has his buzz 'died' / will he be able to 'crossover' on to MTV1?
Is his haircut the best haircut in indie?
Do u miss his old hair?

Can James Blake continue to keep the buzz alive on his 2nd album?

James Blake

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

James Blake is a solo buzzband from London. Some call him 'the prince of dubstep.'

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