Robyn hits rock bottom, plays sponsored concert in JetBlue terminal. | Hipster Runoff

Robyn hits rock bottom, plays sponsored concert in JetBlue terminal.

Photos by Santiago Felipe via Stereogum

These days, artists and buzzbands are forced to unite with brands in order 2 get paid bc no1 buys albums any more. Most artists who partake in sponsored opportunities are 'pretty anal' abt how their brand will be perceived. Naturally, when Robyn was offered 2 have a concert in a JetBlue Airport terminal, she said, "Hells Yeah!" I wonder if she just made some money, or did she get VIP first class JetBlue premium international VIP sky miles admiral rapid rewards status.

Basically, she obtained A1 status 4 life [via Southwest Airlines cattle herding seating system].

Do u fly JetBlue bc of their amazing TVs + SiriusXM radio, or are they lamestream bc they don't have wifi?

Do u wish u were a part of this sponsored experience?

'Hi I'm Ted Frankfurter, head of marketing for JetBlue and we read on the internet that if u hire a trendy musician 2 do something for u, 18-35 year olds will automatically think ur brand is kewler.'

Show Me Love!

Group of ghey hawtties 'got the setlist'.

Is Robyn 4 altGheys?

'I missed my goddamned connecting flight bc of some little boy with a wedge haircut performing.'

Dancing on my own.... with JetBlue....

Was Robyn forced 2 'dress in ble' 2 integrate with the brand?

Is this an authentic display of art + commerce?
How much do u think she was paid?
How many free flights would it take u 2 leverage ur buzzband's brand?
What is the most alt/authentic airline?
What is the crappiest airline?
Is Robyn relevant or is she sorta just an 'afterthought'?
Should JetBlue start a record label/Vinyl Imprint?
Do u think an airport terminal is a good place 2 find new fans [via buskers]?


Alternative Entrepreneur, Buzzband

Robyn is a former 1990s pop sensation who rebranded herself as an indie electro singer just 2 try 2 stay relevant.

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