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Washed Out releases new MP3. Is it chillwave enough?

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Washed Out Amor Fati

Washed Out is launching his sophomore album cycle, and this is the second MP3 that he has brought 2 the public after "Eyes Be Closed." Every1 is basically trying 2 determine whether or not this song is chillwave, and if the chillwave genre still lives on, or if perhaps we can no longer Feel_it_all_around.

This song seemed chill, but also kinda dreamie. I wonder how well this album is going 2 on p4k. Does it sound innovative and trendy, or is p4k gonna 'execute' Washed Out as a blog-hit-wonder?

Sorta just feeling nostalgic 4 the days when I just started vibing 2 chillwave. I really felt that I was a truly chill bro at that time. But now I am less bro and less chill, forced 2 grow up and accept responsibilities.

Can Washed Out get a 10.0?
Do u think he should have named his album 'not so chill any more' so he wouldnt have had 2 answer lame questions from lamestream jounalists?
Will this album perform well critically and commercially?
Do u like this song better than his last?
Will he fall victim 2 the MGMT curse?
MGMT : Washed Out :: KIDS : Feel It All Around

Washed Out


Washed Out is the hit chillwave project of indie hunk Ernest Greene.

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