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Bon Iver writes insane anti-MTV, anti-mainstream manifesto. Has he lost his mind?

Bon Iver is known as some guy from the Midwest who writes music in a small cottage, and has a haunting soft-rock-wave voice that every1 overvalues. Anyways, 2k11 has propelled him 2 such great heights, and he has more fans than ever. Now that he has a platform, he is turning into the musician who goes on blog-rants against random shit.

His first target: The MTV VMA awards. He was all like 'why are they so mainstream, yall?' I really don't kno what he is saying, except 'FUCK THAT SHIT', but he was sure to make sure he didn't diss Kanye West, Jay-Z or Beyonce.

there are great moments in awards shows. bruno mars sounded really good doing 'valerie' for amy winehouse. i don't think anyone is bummed that adele is killing everything. her voice was real and focused when i went thru and watched highlights from tonight. kanye and jay z are always murdering. beyonce is pregnant. yes this is awesome as shit, culturally speaking. but can i just ask, the reader, us, we ... as non-rhetorically as possible: don't we seem dumb? didn't MTV lose the fight against themselves? Didn't Rock'n'Roll STOP? Why are the lights so bright? isn't our talent as artists enough? Why do we try SO hard? Does a moonman mean what it did back then? Should we feel pumped when we get one? Should our mom's cry? I am not even thinking about it that hard. I will close my eyes in 90 seconds and have total peace... But, seriously. Why are we waving around so much?

What are u so angry abt Bon Iver? This is like some sort of critical thinking essay by a 10th grader in high school taking a 'pop culture studies' elective.

He continued on his rant. He cursed. He probably threw things around his cottage. He regretted getting electricity and a Direct-TV package.

Why do we NEED this shit so bad? Why don't we just have MUSIC? DO music? soul? I don't know. I don't mean to criticize. Anyone. Actually. Except for MTV. You might have had a very large opportunity to be stabilize your self as a global presence of culture and art about 15 years ago and you fucked the dog. Sorry. Im with my girls on this one. Its becoming increasingly clear as I think about it more and more, that the dollars, if they ARE apart of why you are doing something... they are apart of why you are doing something. that's fucked to me. that's the absence of spirit, glue, fabric of what makes us a person. it distracts us from what we could be doing: WORK. on EARTH. Better say this: Forget what I say. If you even read this, you'll probably say to yourself, who is this ass saying shit? It doesn't matter what i say. it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. But this one last thought: What would Bill Hicks say?


Really unsure what the eff Bon Iver is saying/doing. Hopefully people in the MTV offices read this, and he is BANNED 4 life from MTV, not just because his music is mainstream-irrelevant, but because he questioned the intentions of one of the greatest Meme Producing Machines in the game right now.

Really unsure if he really doesn't 'get' why MTV has to produce content that is worth sponsoring, as opposed to just playing boring music videos all day. Feel scared of him, like he has an 'internet temper.' If he isn't careful, and keeps writing these internet rants from his log cabin, ppl might start thinking his vibe is like 'the indie/pop culture unabomber.'

Has Bon Iver 'lost his shit'?
Do u 'agree' with his rant?
What was he trying 2 say?
Is MTV failing the world of music?
Is he the smartest man in indie?
Do u hope he continues to go on unabomber-manifesto-wave rants 4evr?
Is it 'kewl' 2 h8 MTV for 'not playing music anymore'?
Does he have any right 2 talk after his disastrous collab with James Blake? [link]

Bon Iver

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Bon Iver is a bearded man from a Midwestern forest who sounds like Bruce Hornsby and once collab-ed with Kanye West.

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