Dr. Dre sells majority share in his crappy "Beats by Dre" headphone line for $309 million | Hipster Runoff

Dr. Dre sells majority share in his crappy "Beats by Dre" headphone line for $309 million

Let's be honest, every1 knows that Beats By Dre headphones are $300+ pieces of crap. For some reason, the same ppl who say the word 'swag' in complete seriousness were brainwashed into believing that these headphones were 'SWAG' and/or "SO CA$H!" I guess u have to give props to Dr Dre for making a branded product and tricking all of those 'swag ass street great ppl' and 'professional athletes' into thinking that he had made a supreme piece of technology.

It seems like he sold a majority share in the headphone company for $309 million. He's sorta like Jay-Z-- they care more abt business and commerce than art/music, so now he will probably 'collab' with Kanye West just because Kanye is like an 'art mule' that they can just ride and say a few words over his 'progressive beats' and every1 will be like '_____ IS BACK!' Then they can sell a new product that is tied 2 the album launch.

Dr. Dre has sold 51 per cent of his audio company Beats Electronics to smartphone manufacturers HTC for a cool $309 million (£190 million).

Dre set the company up in 2008 with Geffen records executive Jimmy Iovine and has since launched headphones endorsed by the likes of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Diddy, who each put their name to their own signature headphones.

I guess headphones are kewl. I hope an indie band sells indie headphones soon...

I am happy 2 know that Dr. Dre is at the forefront of earbudwave technology.

HTC have indicated that they will look to export the technology from Beats into smartphones as soon as they can.

Seems like some complex AA-battery-wave technology.

Are Beats by Dre headphones 'pieces of crap'?
What is the most authentic brand of headphones?
Are rappers just abt making money and selling branded experiences, not really abt 'pushing the art of hip hop'?
Is Dr. Dre's Best film 'Boyz In the Hood' or 'Are We There Yet'?

Whenever u see some1 in public wearing Beats By Dre headphones, are they usually a lame tween bro, a streetwear blipster, or a spoiled rich kid wearing tons of other 'cool' brands?