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James Blake and Bon Iver collab to write boringest buzz song in history of blogosphere

Let's be honest. James Blake only has abt 2.5 listenable songs, and he didn't even really write them himself. Bon Iver's latest album was a snoozefest, every1 thinks he has a good voice, but he actually just sounds like my uncle who does a really good impression of Bruce Hornsby (with a lil bit of Steve Winwood) whenever he makes us listen to soft rock radio.

Anyways, the song is called 'Fall Creek Boys Choir', and if I had to guess, it talks abt when Bon Iver and James Blake were searching for their sexual identity when their parents made them do boys choir, and they ended up playing a game of grab ass that went too far one night. The song just utilizes all their gimmicks. Dubsteppy Blake percussion. Bon Iver's white man voice. James Blake screwing with the vocals so no1 can hear his voice. I think there is even an owl hooting somewhere in there.

Here is the official 'blurb' abt their beautiful collab via p4k:

According to a press release, "Over the past year James has cited Justin as a key influence and it was via a chance meeting at this years SXSW festival in Austin, Texas that the seed was sown for a future collaboration." The track was "formed in the spring over email." It features Justin Vernon on vocals and James Blake on production. It will be available on iTunes on August 29.

Totally wish they had nvr met so they didn't release this 'poo' song.

Do u <3 or h8 this collab?
Is it mad boring?
Are James Blake and Justin Iver totally overrated?
How would u describe this song? Is it softrock dubstep?
Is James Blake a boring version of Bon Iver or is Bon Iver a boring version of ________?
Is this song 'buzzworthy' or 'pseudo-buzzworthy'?
Did James Blake totally lose his buzz?
Do u care abt this collab, or is it srsly the boringest mp3 u've heard in ages?

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