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Skrillex shows off how VIP his life is. Is he officially the Prince of Dubstep?

Skrillex is probably the most famous DJ in the world right now, except for probably those ones who are guido Italians that play fistpump-wave music while they wear graphic tees with dragons on them. Anyways, we are all monitoring Skrillex's rise to relevancy as he has built the modern iteration of a successful electro brand. Anyways, it seems like he is REALLY VIP. Every one loves Skrillex. He goes to a music festival and every1 wants to tell him that he is God's gift to dubstep.

In this video, he basically shows off his VIP lifestyle just 2 make u jealous. I sorta wish I could be a deep well of relevancy, but I am stuck at my office job, saving up money to buy $300 three-day passes to my regional music festival where I will fade into the masses. There is nothing VIP about my life.

He rides around in a VIP golfcart to try to escape from all of his fans. Eventually he goes on stage, and the entire crowd is all like 'that bro is such a VIP', then after the show, the commonfolk come up to him to shake his hand because he is the most important electro artist in the world right now because he is taking dubstep vibes into mainstream markets and making mad bank.

R u jealous of Skrillex?
Does he put Jamie xx and James Blake 2 shame?
Do u wish u were a relevant VIP DJ?
Do u 'get' his music?
Is Sonny Moore the most famous human in alt right now?


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Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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