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Tyler the Creator wins VMA. Has horrorcore gone mainstream?

Tyler the Creator is a horrorcore rapper who is somehow marketed to indie ppl to be all like "He's kewl, authentic, and the next big thang!" but then he goes mnstrm and wins an MTV VMA for 'Best New Artist.' He somehow managed 2 beat Kreashawn and Foster the Ppl, which seems like a massive accomplishment, or something. Anyways, this is his acceptance speech where he talks abt how he wanted this award since he was an impressionable tween, and then curses a bunch of times so u don't even really know what he says.

His mom was a prevalent member of the OFTWFGANG crew, which is always 'touching.'

Sup WAVVBro.

Here is some skit that Odd Future did with Will Ferrell, Jack Black and Seth Rogan that 'totally tanked'. Really unfunny combo, and both quit on the skit.

Here is some interview with a talking head MTV fresh bro where he jokes abt killing himself a few times.

As u can see, the rest of Odd Future is pretty irrelevant, and every1 only cares abt Tyler the Creator. This will certainly cause innerconflict within the band, bc Tyler just made some sort of 'leap' into the mainstream.

I can't really tell if mainstream rap bros 'accept' Tyler as an authentic ass black rapper, or if he seems 'young and immature' or if that youth and immaturity is 'what makes him s0 fresh!'

Has Tyler the Creator 'crossed over'?
Has horrorcore 'gone mainstream'?
R u worried abt Tyler's foot [via his limp]?
Did Odd Future 'steal the show' at the VMAs?
Are they still 'fresh' and 'fun'?
Do u wish u could start a horrorcore rap group and take ur mom to a relevant tween-centric awards show?
Is Tyler the Creator's victory a dark day 4 women's rights?

Tyler, The Creator

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Tyler is a teenage producer, rapper, and the leader of an experimental lofi shock-rap crew called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

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Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

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Odd Future is the lofi shock-rap crew run by Tyler, The Creator.

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