EXCLUSIVE VIDEO +PHOTOS: Lana Del Rey made SECRET live debut, dressed like a total lamestreamer. | Hipster Runoff

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO +PHOTOS: Lana Del Rey made SECRET live debut, dressed like a total lamestreamer.

Lana Del Rey is the most controversial broad in indie right now because she doesn't really 'belong in the club', but she engineered one song that sounds like a really good female indie song, and now we are watching as she and her team of industry experts try to 'trick the blogosphere' into thinking that she is authentic + relevant. I feel kinda bad for whoever she is on the inside (Lizzie Grant), but you have to blame the puppeteers who are behind her for exposing her to this intense scrutiny.

Lana Del Rey is about to start playing 'real shows' under her own name, but she had some 'secret show' at Glasslands, a lofi Brooklyn buzz space, last night. You can't really judge anything based on lofi youtube footage, but u can analyze her stage presence and personal brand. Apparently she was wearing lamestream jeans and had a bedazzled/bejeweled iPhone sticking out of her pocket. She clearly wasn't taking this gig very seriously.

If she wants to be 'alt', she's gonna have to figure out where to buy relevant 'jeans'. But I don't think alt girls really wear jeans.

R u gonna buy Lana style jeans?

Pitchfork was there, too. They took some pictures that really 'enable' her branded aesthetic, so I guess that means they will keep 'pushing her.'

Photos by Erez Avissar

The most shocking image of the night was one that showcases her 'backing band', which looks like it is filled with 'professional'/'hired gun' musicians. If she was a true buzz artist, she'd have emaciated altbros who she used to sleep with in her band.

Did the label hire the Roots as ur backing band, bb? I wonder if they were all like 'wtf are we doing playing in this Brooklyn shithole? I've played backup keyboards for Lady Antebellum/the Black Eyed Peas!'

Scary nails, bb! Don't claw me in our next cat fight!

What do u think of her LIVE DEBUT?
Is she still 'alt'? Was she ever?
Will the indiesphere 'let her in the club'?
What do u think of her personal brand?
Does he bejeweled iPhone on stage mean that she doesn't take her performances seriously?
Why do her backing band members look like such 'dude bros'?
Is Lana Del Rey 'indie' or not?
Should we just 'focus on her music', or is her commercialized existence 2 heavy 2 ignore?
Do u feel bad 4 Lizzy Grant?
Who are the forces behind Lana Del Rey? Do they know what they are doing?
Can u see her 'getting big' or is this like 'watching a train wreck'?
R u on #TeamLana or #EffLana?

LANA DEL REY EXPOSED!!! B4 she was alt, she was a failed mnstrm artist without fake lips